Saturday, July 7, 2018

End of summer

 This year no one needed stitches after our last visit to the pool before school starting.
 Reality sunk in on schedule pick up day for Carter.  He also got to move into his hallway locker that day.  He practiced his combination a bunch of times in hopes he won't have trouble with it on the first day.
 The 6th, 7th and 8th grades have their own pods in the school which makes for an easier transition.  This is the entrance to the 6th grade classrooms.
 After coming home from moving Carter into his locker we noticed something wasn't quite right with Sasha. We immediately took her to the vet. They discovered she was bleeding internally from a mass on her spleen.  Given her age and the location of the mass they didn't feel surgery would help. It was so sudden and unexpected.  The positive is that we didn't have to watch her suffer long term at the end of her life.  It also happened before school started so the kids were able to be with us to say their good byes.  She had a great 12 years of life and she left some big paws to fill. Sasha was the best pound puppy find ever! 
The vet made us a paw print keepsake for us.  
The kids immediately started their Christmas lists with a puppy (a real one), except for Evelyn who just wants Sasha back. When I explained to her that can't happen she simply stated, "Well God brought Jesus back from the dead.  Why can't he bring Sasha back?"  

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Final Meet

 It wasn't easy for any of us to get up bright and early after the late night party.  We managed to get all three up, ready, checked out of the hotel and to the meet on time.
 It was fun to watch them get ready for the opening parade and ceremony.
 These kids are ready for the long day ahead.
 The team made posters for the parade
 CCP doing their team cheer
 Parading into the meet
 I love the friendships and bonds made over summer
 It's such a great group of kids
 Evelyn's 6 & under freestyle relay took 2nd place!  I'm so proud of Evelyn for being so brave and doing swim team at age 4.  Clearly, she rocked it!
 Audrey's 8 & under freestyle relay
I didn't get a chance to get a picture of Carter's relay. It was such a chaotic day!
It's great to see the kids improve on their skills over the summer and shave off time.  It was a quiet drive home as all three were exhausted from the weekend.

Monday, June 18, 2018

summer sport wrap up

 There was a rain delay for the Jr. Golf Championship.  Carter waiting it out paid off.  He was the only boy to show up for the 4-hole boys making him the champion.
Evelyn conquered the high dive at 4 years old!  She's my little fish and continues to impress me with her willingness to try new things.
 The swim team season comes to an end with the all conference meet.  This year it was hosted by Champaign and the theme was Life's a Beach.  They have a beautiful club and did a fantastic job hosting everyone.
 There were Tahitian dancers for entertainment.  They pulled 3 dads from the crowd and they all happened to be from CCP.  Yes, that's Chuck in a hula skirt.
 The dads were great sports and quite entertaining.
 They ended with fire dancers
 Evelyn, Audrey & Lily with a few of the dancers 
 The boys hanging out.  It was a blast of a party!  Now to get some sleep for the long meet in the morning!

Monday, June 4, 2018

mom's night

 Fitz and the Tantrums were coming the the river front so that called for another mom's night out. We loaded up in the party van and had dinner before the show.
 After dinner we walked to the concert.  We worked our way up to the front in time for hand clap.
It was such a fun night.  I only wish I would've gotten better pictures. Evidence of too much dancing and too much drinking.

Monday, May 28, 2018

swim team pics

The kids line up shortest to tallest for the swim team picture.  Evelyn was the shortest and youngest on the team this summer.
What a good looking group of swimmers and coaches
They look so cute lining up for their events.
Carter doesn't like swim team but we make him do it since swimming is a life skill. Also, because we have seen him improve every summer.  His first year on the team he belly flopped off the block and now he's actually diving.  They still need work but he's doing so much better.
Carter-50 backstroke
Carter-50 freestyle
The same goes for Audrey. Although, I think she doesn't mind it as much since she loves the social time with her friends at the meets.
 Here she is doing the 25 backstroke.  I missed catching any pics of her other events this meet
 Evelyn looks so tiny up on the block.  She clearly is in the belly flop stage but she's doing great! Especially, since she's the only 4 year old that made the team this summer!  
Evelyn- 25 freestyle
  Evelyn-25 backstroke

Friday, May 25, 2018

more beach

 A stop at Shakes before heading to the harbor
 We took the kids on a sunset dolphin cruise

 Success finding dolphins!  The best part in when they were jumping in our wake!
 We had the added bonus of an air show going on at the same time
 Carter was the only one that wanted to drive
 Watching the dolphins
 Always looking out for his baby sister
 Dancing on our way back into the harbor

 He's always on the hunt

 We have all our favorite dinner spots.  Most include a great view
 Until next time, Destin!