Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June full of firsts

June has been a busy month for us. It's been full of firsts for the kids too. Here are some of the things we've been up to.

Carter had his first set of swimming lessons. He really enjoyed it and was his instructor's little buddy by the end of them. He still asks in the morning if he has swimming lessons today.

Carter had his first dentist appointment. He did great and didn't complain until the very end. He did so well the dentist let him pick out a toy from the treasure chest. Carter picked out a piggy bank and when she asked him if he has money for it he simply replied, "No, but my daddy does."

Audrey has been enjoying the baby swing and the playmat. She loves watching the lights change with the music. It's guaranteed to make her smile. We're also glad that she likes the swing since Carter never took to it as a baby.

We got to go out as a family last week. We attended Carter & Audrey's first baseball game-the AA Birmingham Baron's. It was a family outing for JCRMA (med. wive's club) so other families were there too. Despite the heat we had a good time. Carter was more interested in the inflatable play area than the game but what can you expect from a toddler.

I finally put a bow in Audrey's hair. Her hair is so fine and smooth that it didn't stay in very long but it was cute while it lasted. As you can tell by her face she wasn't sure what to think of it. Right after I took the picture we got a smile out of her though.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New bikes

Carter got this awesome Tonka truck bike from Tita Angela and Uncle Brett. He was all excited and picked out a spiderman helmet and pads. Unfortunately, he needs to grow another inch or two befoe he can fully reach the pedals. Chuck felt so bad for him that we had to take him to get a tricycle that he can ride now. We found him a Cars one! Carter is getting the hang of pedaling and will be a pro by the time he'll be big enough for the bike. Now that he's getting better at it we'll have to take him to the park where there is a path for him to ride on.