Monday, December 30, 2013

San Diego Zoo

 The next day we went to the San Diego Zoo.
The place is massive and we did a ton of walking that day.  We stayed all day and only saw a faction of it.
 It was so cool to see so many adorable koalas.  I just wanted to snuggle with one.
 Audrey always likes the flamingos because they are pink.  Go figure!
 The boys were happy when they found the beer stand :)
 It wore Evelyn out.  She got some snuggles in with Uncle Brett and didn't want to be put down.
 Group shot in front of the entrance
 One more group shot
 We stopped in La Jolla on the way back from the zoo
 We thought the kids would get a kick out of seeing all the sea lions
 There weren't many out but they still had fun
Sister picture.  It's not too often the three of us are all together.

Pino food

 While in San Diego we went to Goldilocks for dinner.  On our way Audrey kept asking where we were going.  Then she wanted to know what kind of food was there.  We told her it was a Filipino restaurant.  She then said, "I don't like pino food!  I hope Tita doesn't throw up because of all the pino food!"  The funny thing is she LOVED everything we gave her to eat and ate so much she had a stomach ache on the way back to the hotel!  We were in heaven with all the yummy filipino food.  We feasted on siapao, lumpia, pancit, fried rice, adobo, halo halo (what Audrey is pictured with) and I think we had even more but I can't remember what else. 
 We loved the set up of our hotel room.  It was the best lay out we've had so far.  We had a nice large room with a king size bed, tv, bathroom & vanity area and mini bar.  There was a glass door that led to the kids room.  The kids room had bunk beds, tv, kid sized table and chairs and a desk.  We were even able to fit Evelyn's pack and play in there.  We will definitely look for this layout again in the future. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013


 The end of October we went to San Diego to visit Amy and Brandon.  First stop was Legoland!  It was a lot of fun and the kids were the perfect age for it.
 All the rides were geared towards younger kids.  They were able to ride all of them.  Including all the roller coasters.

 The lines for the rides were set up around a lego play area.  Carter had a blast building cars to race down the track.
 Audrey liked getting to drive her own car.  Her track just went in a circle which was perfect for her.
 Carter was old enough for the more advanced track.  His had lanes and traffic signs/lights he had to obey.
 They both did a great job and earned their drivers license
 They were thrilled when they saw there were lego people to meet

 The lego cities were impressive to see
 But we spent the most time looking at the Star Wars displays

 I think we took Carter's picture with every Star Wars character
 Audrey only wanted to have her picture taken with Princess Lea since she's a girl :)
 The only horse we didn't have to bribe Carter to ride
 It was a good time to be there.  They had all sorts of Halloween decorations up with all the usual displays.
 Racing down the slide
 Carter and Audrey love spinning rides.  This one was like the lego version of the tea cups at Disney
 Carter was in heaven with all the Star Wars

 I forgot how many millions of legos it took to build this Star Wars ship.
 On our way back out Carter had to have his picture taken with the C
And Audrey with the A

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ballerina School

 Mid October was parent observation week at ballet.  It was fun to get to be in the classroom and watch her lesson. There's a tv in the waiting room that shows the class but it's not the same.  I love how Audrey calls it Ballerina School.
 Look at that turn out!
 I love her teacher!  She has the same teacher as last year and I couldn't be happier.  She is amazing with the little ones and I'll be sad when Audrey has a new teacher.  Which will probably be next year :(
 Leaping over the carpet square
 Tap was funny to watch
 but so cute to see all those black tap shoes lined up
End of class recap.  They each had to tell Miss Allexe a ballet term they did in class

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tanners Orchard

 Mid October we went to Tanners Orchard to pick out some pumpkins and apples.  We started the day out with a wagon ride out the the orchard and pumpkin patch.
 Evelyn had fun checking out the pumpkins.  She did pretty well walking around all the vines and uneven ground.
 My monkey hamming it up for the camera
 First attempt at a picture of all 3
 Audrey always likes to find one that she can carry.  Unlike Carter who likes to try to find the biggest one.
 Carter decided Evelyn needed help back to the wagon.  Even though it was sweet it made me nervous with all the vines, etc. to trip on.
 The kids were happy with the pumpkins we picked out.  We needed the barrel to get them to the car.
 Then it was time to play.
 Audrey immediately went in line for the pony ride
 Audrey cutting the apples
 Carter and Chuck played a round of mini golf.  Audrey didn't want to stop playing on the equipment to play with them.
 Cider barrel ride through the orchard

 This was a favorite from last year.  Too bad Uncle Brett wasn't here to race again.  Evelyn was too small to ride in the front so I couldn't race either.
 They had to feed the goats and llamas on the way out.
 Attempt number 2 with an over tired and hungry Evelyn
 Back at home she shared her snack with Sasha
And tried to nap with her too