Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flying Audrey

Close to bedtime when the kids should be settling down for the night this is what Audrey loves to do. As soon as Chuck sits down on the couch Audrey tells him to catch her. She runs across the room and jumps. Chuck lifts her above his head while Audrey is laughing and telling him again before he even puts her down.
She is our no fear child
Carter is our thinker and in this picture a bit of a drag queen :) Audrey gave him her pink tinkerbell glasses and some of her necklaces to wear and he did. All he's missing is one of her purses.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Post call fun

When Chuck is post call on a weekend day he gets to be home in time to spend most of the day with us. Even though he's beat, he powers through and has quality time with the kids.
On this post call day the kids were playing outside and Chuck thought he could sneak in a nap on the anti-gravity chair. The kids decided otherwise. They kept climbing all over him keeping him from falling asleep.
That day was Audrey's first time playing wii games with us. She thought is was so much fun and could not stop smiling and laughing. In the past she would be happy with pretending to play. Chuck helped teach her and by the end of the game she was finally getting the hang of it. Carter was so cute cheering her on and telling her what a good job she was doing. The next time she played just dance with Carter and she beat him!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Carter lost his first tooth last week! It's hard to believe he's that old already. I keep telling him to slow down but he tells me no and that he's going to keep growing until he's a big as daddy. He was excited to lose his first tooth since there are a couple other kids that have already lost some. He was most excited to see what the tooth fairy was going to bring him. Carter put his tooth in his tooth fairy pillow and it was his treasure for the rest of the day. It was the first thing he checked in the morning too :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lego master

Carter loves all the new legos he got for Christmas! He really does a great job putting them together too. There was so much to do the days after Christmas that some of the legos didn't get assembled right away. Carter could not wait to put together his Cars 2 set from Great Grandma Aprahamian.
He put all the cars together himself and he only needed me to help him a little bit with the middle building. There was a rubber band that he didn't want to break. He was so proud of his work he wanted me to take pictures of it.

Another morning Carter was up early and by the time I got up he had taken apart and reassembled his lego robot. He really enjoys all his lego sets and it's fun to see how much he can do on his own already.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Day

The kids were so excited for Christmas this year! They are at such a fun age. We can't thank everyone enough for spoiling our kids with all the gifts that were sent. We are truly blessed and grateful! Here are just a few pictures of some of the presents the kids got.
When I woke up I found Carter like this. Sitting in front of the tree staring at all the presents with a scissors in his hand in case he needed to cut ribbon to open them. The first thing he told me was, "Look! Santa came!" I can't even tell you how many times he checked to see if Audrey was awake yet. He knew he had to wait for her to start.
Audrey finally woke up and they were ready to dig in! As you can see they had quite the pile to work on.
He's been wanting a Bumblebee transformer forever. He has a figurine but he wanted one that actually transforms. Thank you Tita Amy for making this wish finally come true!
Santa brought our Beauty and the Beast obsessed little girl a Belle doll. It came with a dress for Audrey too that she put on later in the day.
More Nerf shooters and Iron Man legos
Beauty and the Beast figurines
Gotta love the stare down he's giving me in his Optimus Prime mask
A princess castle! When you would ask Audrey what she wanted Santa to bring her she would say, pink presents or a princess castle. She loves it!
A remote controlled Captain America
A new baby and Tangled dress she had to put on right away over her pjs
Star wars legos! It took Grandpa, Chuck and Carter over 2 hours to put this together. It had over 1,000 pieces! Thank you Grandma & Grandpa!

It was a fun morning watching the kids open everything. Grandma & Grandpa arrived by 9:30 to spend the day with us. It was nice to have them here to see the kids enjoy all their gifts right away. Thanks again to everyone for making this another amazing Christmas.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we always let the kids open some of their presents. Partly to make room for Santa to leave more that night and partly so it doesn't take all day Christmas day to open presents.
Excited to finally open presents! Carter of course picked one that was wrapped in lego star wars paper and Audrey picked one wrapped with princess paper.
More legos! Thanks Grandma Debbie & Mike
Audrey loves her Barbie car. It even came with another Barbie in it! Thanks Tita Angela & Uncle Brett!
After opening only 2 presents each they were done opening presents. Carter got a remote controlled helicopter and Chuck and Carter had to take it outside right away. They played with it for over an hour! I had to call them in to leave for dinner.
After playing with the helicopter it was time to head over to the Grimm's. We had a potluck dinner with the Grimms and Grahams. It was nice to have one last holiday dinner with our medical family. Once again I set down the camera after taking the kids picture and forgot to get some of the adults.

present pile up

The 2 weeks leading up to Christmas gets the kids so excited for the big day. As all the boxes of presents arrive from everyone they get more and more anxious to open them. This year the kids rearranged the boxes making forts and towers. Audrey even piled them into her stroller and pushed them around the house. One of the times Carter arranged the piles by name. Audrey's daily question was, "Now I open presents?"