Sunday, January 31, 2016


Mid-September we had a gorgeous unseasonably warm day.  We met up with her friend Matilda at Tanner's Orchard to play.
 These two had a lot of fun together
 They played all morning.  We had lunch there together but they really didn't stop to eat much.  Evelyn didn't even sit still long enough to eat an apple cider donut!

Hamming it up with all the pumpkins
 Goofing around in the cart corral
 Hugs good bye.  They are too cute!
Evelyn has taken over Audrey's bitty baby claiming it as hers.  She even takes her to school everyday.  Baby takes a nap in her locker while she's in class.  Evelyn loves to change her outfits and likes it best when she matches her.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Evelyn's first day

It was finally Evelyn's turn to have her first day back at school. She had been asking about school ever since Carter and Audrey went back.  I however, enjoyed the one on one time.
 She was so ready for 3 year old preschool.  It makes me happy that she really enjoys school and looks forward to going.
 At drop off she jumped right into her station.
 It was a smooth drop off and she had a great first day.
The weather was so nice in the beginning of the school year.  We would picnic with her friends after school on the playground.  Her school has a fantastic playground and the kiddos always looked forward to the days that we stayed.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Labor Day weekend

Tita Amy and Brandon were home over Labor Day weekend. It was the weekend after Evelyn's birthday and Tita Amy passed her real estate exam.  So of course there was cake. 
So happy to see them again.  It's a treat to get to see them more than once a year!
Making wishes in the fountain while we wait for our table to be ready
Tita Amy saw Carter eyeing up this book in the bookstore and bought it for him.  He LOVES it!
Audrey getting her Tita Amy snuggles in
We had the second floor of the restaurant to ourselves.  It allowed for shenanigans.
Sums up how much my kiddos love these two
Isa was here from Germany too.  They had their 20th high school reunion that weekend.  It was nice to see her again.
Love this one!

My kiddos aren't the only ones spoiled when we're together.

Monday, January 18, 2016

classroom visit & water balloon fight

The first of September Evelyn got to visit her classroom.  She was right at home when she found her favorite book.  Plus, how cute is that chair!?!  I want some for our backyard.  Evelyn was also happy to see all her buddies from last year are in her class again.
September finally brought gorgeous weather after a crummy, rainy summer.  It was so hot Evelyn and I prepared a water balloon fight for when Carter and Audrey got off the bus.
 They get dropped off in the driveway.  As soon as they were home it was game on!
 Thank goodness for self tying water balloons!  They go through them too quickly to do it the old fashion way.

 They had a blast with it and asked to have one every day after school.
 September also brought little frogs/toads (I don't know which one it is) on our door every morning.  Evelyn always had to get up close and personal with them.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Dunlap Days

 The last weekend in August Dunlap had their carnival/fair called Dunlap Days.  Evelyn's reaction to her first ride is priceless.  Even funnier is Audrey's this is so embarrassing reaction.
 Even after that rough start Audrey continued to be a good big sister and held Evelyn's hand.
 Daddy was allowed to ride with her on the train and she still wasn't too sure about it.
 Audrey's favorite ride was the ferris wheel.
She was impressed with the view from the top
 Carter joined her for the giant slide
 They raced down a couple of times
 We talked them into a big kid ride.  They acted tough but both agreed they didn't want to ride it again.
 Carter's day was made when he won an alien.  He definitely enjoyed the games more than the rides. 
Audrey rode solo on the carousel before heading home.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This and that

Our friends hosted a pig roast.  I only took 1 picture of the kiddos. Oh well.  It was a fun afternoon that included good food, good company, bouncy house, snow cones, etc!
Audrey got crafty with her American Girl headband kit.  She made the flower and sewed the A on the button and attached it to the headband.  She's working on sewing the next flower for Evelyn.
Both girls with their headbands made by Audrey.
  The girls goofing around at the pond
While the boys fish
The end of August cooled off enough for us to take the bikes out on the trail.  Audrey was nervous to ride on her own so we let her use the one wheel.
 Family selfie on the trail.  We are looking forward to many more family bike rides.
 To say Evelyn was excited for her first day of ballet is an understatement.  Look at that face!
 She even sat still for a bun.