Friday, January 21, 2011

Need to teach

Lately, Carter has been trying to teach Audrey different games. Everyday he gets out at least one game and tries to teach her how to play. He just won't except the fact that she's too little for most of them. I try to explain it to him and he simply replies, "but mom, I need to teach her." It is so sweet to watch how patient and persistent he is with her.

What happens when...

...they dress themselves. :)
While I was cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast the kids decided to get dressed themselves. This is what they ended up in. Carter had his bumblebee costume on over his Packer jersey and Audrey put her Tinkerbell costume on over her mismatched pajamas.
They played all morning like this. They even played Just Dance in costume.
Another morning Carter would only wear his comfy pants and Audrey insisted on wearing her out of season pumpkin shirt. Not to mention the hat and gloves worn indoors :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sledding-southern style

The kids had so much fun playing outside in the morning we took them out again after Audrey's nap. We have the perfect hill in our backyard to do some sledding. We don't have sleds or tubes so we used our boogie boards. They worked great! The kids had a blast sledding southern style :)
Carter loved being pulled up and down the hill by dad. Sasha tagged along.
Is that not the cutest face!?!
Sasha loved catching the ice/snow balls we would toss to her
"Come on Carter"
Audrey tried pulling Carter without success.
This morning Carter had to go out one more time before it all melted. He loves the snow! This time he wanted to do it all by himself. I can't even tell you how many times he went down the hill before finally coming in for lunch.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Iced in

We had a winter storm come through last night. They were predicting 3-6 in. of snow which turned out to be a bunch of ice. It started last night as freezing rain then snow then more ice. This morning everything is ice. Chuck wasn't able to get out of our driveway (it's a big hill) so he got to stay home with us. The whole city is shut down and the hospitals have canceled clinics and elective cases.
Audrey tasting the snow/ice
Chuck working hard to scrape all the ice off the driveway
The kids had fun running around in it. As long as they stayed on the grass they were fine. They had a couple of wipe outs trying to walk on the sidewalk and driveway.
Carter and Chuck had an ice ball fight. He's getting ready to throw this chunk at Chuck.
Hiding behind the bricks thinking he's safe
A couple of pictures of the ice covered trees

Go pack! Go!

Chuck and I were putting up new curtains in the living room and the kids had to get involved too. They were climbing on the step stool and getting into all the tools and supplies. Then I caught this cute moment.
They are quite the pair always having to do what the other is doing. Daddy dressed Carter in his Rodgers jersey and Audrey in one of Carter's smaller jerseys instead of her cheerleading outfit. She still looked cute.
Chuck was so happy to be home for a play off game. The kids got bored with the game and I found them goofing around in Audrey's room. They were rocking baby Stella. A few minutes later they came in the TV room to tell us Audrey's hair was wet. Carter spilled his juice on her head.
After their bath Audrey helped herself to the cookies. I had to push them back so she wouldn't go crazy eating them all & end up on a sugar high at bedtime.