Thursday, September 29, 2016

More ballet

 Audrey had her parent observation a few days after Evelyn.  This time I made sure I got into the classroom.
After stretching they start at the barre
Then, they move to the floor. She takes her ballet very seriously!
 She's frequently first in line to demonstrate how it's done.  She may not be a great listener at home but she's an ideal student at school and ballet.  She knows her terminology so, her teacher can rely on Audrey to know what she's asking them to do. 
 curtsy at the end of class

Sunday, September 25, 2016

dress up

These 2 are constantly dressing up and putting on dance performances
 It's so funny to see the moves they come up with
 Sometimes they pretend to put on the Nutcracker and sometimes they make up a whole new show
 goofy girl
 As entertaining as it is, it also makes my heart happy that they both love to dance.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


 Parent observation week is my chance to get pictures of the girls at ballet.
 I didn't get many because Evelyn's teacher forgot and didn't let us in until the class was almost over.
 I got a couple from the door
 Evelyn has watched Audrey since she was born.  She was excited it's finally her turn to take ballet and tap.
 At home the girls enjoy creating mail for each other with stamps and other craft items they can find in the cabinet.
 I have to document the moments they are sharing and working well together so nicely.
 Evelyn continues to love her babies. She brings one everywhere we go and always has one on her lap.
Audrey did the kids cooking class at the club. She had a lot of fun and learned some great cooking skills.  They got to eat what they made for lunch.  She even brought home some of the recipes.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy birthday, Audrey

Happy birthday to our fierce princess!
 She chose Alexander's steak house for her birthday dinner. She had a 6 oz filet, salad bar, and dessert. Her first present of the night was a 6 pack of frozen steak burgers.  Her face says it all.
 Time to open presents
 Evelyn was her little helper
 Thank you everyone for all the great gifts!
 She asked for a Rey ice cream cake
 May all your wishes come true.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Our Easter eggs this year ended up looking like dinosaur eggs.
 Our annual awkward bunny picture
 It was nice having Tita Angela and Uncle Brett help with all the crafts
 When it was time for the egg hunt Evelyn was tired and crabby.
 After a few minutes of a melt down she finally decided to collect some eggs.
 Carter and Audrey ready for the big kid hunt by the tennis courts.
 There were a ton of eggs this year.
 The kiddos still got them all picked up in a flash.
 Evelyn even snagged some
 happy with their loot
 family photo without the bunny
 Love these kiddos!

Monday, September 12, 2016

First Communion

 Maundy Thursday Carter had his first communion. This is the entire class with both pastors.
Just the boys.  Carter is closest with these 3 boys.
 photo bombed by Pastor Wehrs
 Carter with Pastor Wehrs and Pastor Rothfusz
 Carter also wanted a picture with his Sunday school teacher.  He really enjoyed having Mr. Lanz this year.

 Tita Angela (his godmother) and Uncle Brett made it down for his first communion.
 He didn't want a cake for the occasion.  He asked for Chef and Baker cupcakes instead.  He even requested the flavors-red velvet, orange creamsicle and strawberry.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Zoo and pedicures

 The end of March started to feel like spring.  We took advantage of the weather and started to do picnics after school.  This time we had it at the zoo.
 The kiddos travel like a pack.  They looked so cute huddled together looking at one of the exhibits.
 Evelyn hiding for the picture
 The play area outside the zoo is pretty fun too
 Happy to have her scooter out of the garage
 Audrey won the silent auction for the pedicure with her teacher.  She had a blast!
 Both first grade teachers did this together.  They really made it special and brought snacks and gifts for the girls.  They even drove the girls home afterward.
The school posted this picture of Carter with his buddy Timothy from art class