Wednesday, June 28, 2017


 Audrey's class got to start the day with a mad scientist themed language arts lesson 
 All ready to head out for trick or treating
 We joined the Bamans in their neighborhood but we didn't manage to get a picture with the kids together.
 The kids hit the jackpot in that neighborhood. They received a ton of full size candy bars and even some king size!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wildlife Scary Park

The day before Halloween I took the kids to the Wildlife Scary Park.
 Not even Evelyn was scared of the decorations
 The girls wanted to pose by the plants
 We went with the Bamans and Knepps
 We managed to get one with all the moms
 The kids were happy to be together
 The kids decided the train ride was lame.  They wanted it to be scary.
 As soon as we were on the hayride the kids started to dig into their candy
 Getting more candy
 The giant slide was a hit
 This one was more Evelyn's speed
 Petting the animals
They only had a few out that could handle the crowds
 The kids were most interested in the science table

Saturday, June 17, 2017

school happenings

 Carter's class having science outdoors

 Audrey had a great classroom Halloween party

 Evelyn and Rohan's big siblings had a tennis Halloween party.
 We took these 2 crazy kids for ice cream, to the park and
mini golf.  They had a blast together and loved the time without the others around.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

WDW Day 7

 Day 7 was our final day in Disney World.  We spent it in Magic Kingdom.
 One more ride on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger
 Another ride on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.
 This ended up being one of the kid's favorite rides of the trip. 
 Story Time with Belle turned out to be really cute
Lumiere was really neat
 Carter was chosen to play her father.  He did a good job acting sad and scared.
 Chuck was cast as a knight.  They even made him march. Ha!
 At the end all the kids had the opportunity to get their picture with Belle.
 The kids liked that we snagged a spot overlooking It's a Small World for lunch.  After eating lunch with a view, Evelyn made us ride it one more time.
 After a few more rides and shows, it was time to get a spot for the parade.  The kids had popsicles while we waited for it to start.
 The Festival of Fantasy Parade was great!
 Our spot was perfect and the kids loved seeing all the characters.  Rapunzel even blew Carter a kiss!
 The lost boys talked to us and complimented the girls on their Tinkerbell shirts.
 The dragon was cool and blew fire as it passed in front of us.
 Evelyn geeked out a bit when she saw Mickey and Minnie coming as the finale.
 We ended our final day with dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table.
 The girls loved being greeted by Cinderella and the fact that we were eating inside the castle.  They had been wanting to get inside all week.
 Aurora was the first to visit the table
 Evelyn was so busy watching for the next princess and getting her autograph book ready that I had to remind her to eat in between meeting the princesses.
 Making a wish
 I love that Jasmine made Carter get up and in the picture.  She wouldn't let me take it until he got in it.  She was the only princess to make him do that.
Snow White was the final princess to visit the table.
 I had pre-ordered special desserts for the girls.  They were surprised when they were brought to the table. 
 My beautiful princesses
 A close up of the dessert.
 I shared the secret with Carter to see if he would want one too  He didn't want the glass slipper dessert.  He was very happy with his clock strikes twelve flourless chocolate cake.
After a few bites Evelyn ditched her spoon and dove right in!  The table next to us even had a laugh over it. 
 My knight and princess
 One last picture in front of the castle
 The week caught up with Evelyn and she was out before we even made it to the entrance.  We made the short walk back to the Resort and flew home the next morning.
Good-bye Contemporary Resort and Disney World.  It was another magical Disney World vacation.  Until next time...