Friday, May 31, 2013

back to normal

 Back home and slowly getting back into a routine
 Audrey's into making funny faces for pictures lately
After being confined to a stroller for a week Evelyn was happy to have her freedom.  She was really getting ready to take off crawling.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Going Home

Day 8 was just traveling back home.  Carter and Audrey played in this old car while we waited for the Magical Express to take us to the airport.  Thank goodness we traveled Thursday-Thursday.  It was so nice to have Fri-Sun to recuperate and relax before getting back to reality.  It was such a fabulous family vacation and the kids and I can't wait to go back again! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Disney Day 7

 The night before we asked the kids if there was something they really wanted to do on our last day at Disney.  They immediately said, Toy Story Ride!  So, back to Hollywood Studios it was.
 Carter and Tita Angela
Tita Angela and Uncle Brett got Audrey's face painted while Carter rode Star Tours.  She's posing like a princess holding her skirt.
 She wanted a close up to show her sparkle lips
 My Star Wars crazed boy on the thing that I don't know what it's called.  If he wasn't in bed I could ask him and I'm sure he would know.
 Carter wanted his face painted too.  My sweet Carter turned into evil Darth Maul.
 Both kiddos with their faces painted
 Grandma Debbie found them cute Mickey Mouse cookies.
 Carter even got to hug Stitch one more time :)  I love the picture!
 One last group pic
 I caught Audrey admiring herself in the mirror while we were shopping :)
 We went to Magic Kingdom and did some shopping.  All the lines were too long to do anything before dinner.  Here's Audrey by Rapunzel's tower.
 That night we ate dinner at O'hana.  They had different games/activities for the kids during dinner.  Here's Carter doing the coconut and broom race.
 They got birthday leis
 We didn't get to sing to Audrey on her birthday so we finally did that night.
 After dinner it started to rain.  Carter got to wear his Star Wars rain coat and Audrey got to wear her princess one.  No complaints about the rain.  We had wonderful weather all week!  Some rain our last night didn't matter.  We headed back to the resort afterwards anyway.
Audrey and Tita Angela had a blast jumping in all the puddles.  The bigger the better!  She was soaked by the time we made it back.  Audrey still has to jump in every puddle we see.
The week went by too quickly and it was hard to believe it was time to go home the next morning.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Disney Day 6

 We spent day 6 at Animal Kingdom.  We got there right as it opened.  Angela ran ahead to get our fast passes for Expedition Everest as we made our way over to the safari.  First thing is the time to ride safari.  You don't have to wait to get on and the animals are so active.  By the time we were done the wait was already up to an hour.
The lion roared as we went by.  It was really neat to see.  We got to see all the animals and some got real close.  The giraffes walked right next to us and we even had to stop for a while to let some animals pass.
 Audrey still wasn't back to herself but was feeling well enough to try and get out.  The bumpy safari ride probably wasn't a good thing for her to ride right away.
 We got a smile out of her for our family picture with the tree of life behind us.
After the safari Grandma Debbie took the kids to the boneyard while Angela, Brett, Chuck and I rode Expedition Everest.  Audrey wanted to go back to the hotel to rest so Chuck took her back and they napped by the pool.
 The rest of us went on the watch the Lion King show and ride Dinosaur
 Even on vacation Carter likes to learn.  He had us all over the park to earn all his stamps on his passport.  Each station taught him something different and had an activity for the kids to do.
Ready for the It's Tough to be a Bug! show
 Here's 6 year old Carter's hands in the imprint of a 6 year old male gorilla's hands
 Searching for all the hidden items to earn another stamp.  I think Grandma Debbie enjoyed the activities just as much as Carter.  He ended up earning all his stamps and just in time.  We had to hurry back to the resort to get ready for dinner.
 We walked over to Epcot for our princess dinner at Akershus  Royal Banquet Hall.  They take your picture as you enter the restaurant and it happened to be Audrey's favorite Belle!  She couldn't have smiled any bigger :)
Cinderella was the first to stop at our table.  Audrey slipped and fell and they are so in character that she asked if she lost a glass slipper.  They even made sure to talk to Carter telling him he's a handsome prince.  I can't remember which princess it was but after one of them talked to Carter Audrey said, "Oooo she likes you!"  It was hilarious!
 Princess Aurora
 Audrey was excited that Ariel was there
 Carter finally decided to get into a picture.
 She was so sweet with Evelyn
She sat on the floor so she could hold Evelyn.  Love this picture of my little Snow White.  All the princesses were so sweet and great with the kids.
They even had all the kids participate in a parade around the restaurant with the princesses.  This was so such a fun dinner to do at this age with Audrey.  Carter had fun too but he won't admit it.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Disney Day 4

 Happy Easter!  Day 4 was Easter and the Easter Bunny brought the kids goodies in both hotel rooms.  The kids woke up to find baskets in our room.  We then got called over to Grandma Debbie's room to find baskets there.  I unfortunately didn't get pictures of any of their baskets though.
 We got a quick family picture before heading to the parks.
 We went to Epcot that day.  It only took a few minutes to walk to Epcot from our resort.  It was nice to be able to walk and not ride the bus or boat.  The topiaries were impressive.  Here's the crocodile from Peter Pan.
 Monster's Inc!
 Mom, Ang and I in front of the Lion King topiaries
 We went into the butterfly house where all the topiaries were the different fairies.  Audrey had to take a picture with ALL of them!
 I'll just share a couple of them because there were a ton of them.
 Carter and Uncle Brett on the boat ride in the Land.
Bruce the shark ate Carter and Audrey
We went to Talk time with Crush (the sea turtle from Finding Nemo).  I think that was my favorite part of the day.  It was hilarious!  We had a lively bunch of kids that had all of the adults laughing so hard the entire time.
 My Mini Miss dressed as Mini Mouse
Everything went down hill after lunch.  Audrey ended up getting sick and threw up in the park.  Chuck took her back to the hotel while the rest of us continued on with the day.
I went back to the resort after dinner to bring Chuck dinner and keep him company.  Carter wanted to stay and do the Secret Agent activity so Ang and Brett took him to that.  Here he is getting his next clue on the cell phone.  They had fun and Carter wanted to stay for the fireworks.  Part way into the fireworks Carter got sick.  I felt bad because I had to cancel his breakfast with Stitch the next morning.  But there was no way we were going to be able to make it.  By morning I wasn't feeling well and Brett was sick.
Day 5 was a bust with no pictures taken.  Carter was feeling better by mid morning but Audrey was still really sick.  Chuck, Carter, Evelyn, Grandma Debbie and Tita Angela went to the pool that afternoon.  Everyone went to the dinner reservation that night while I stayed back with poor Audrey.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Disney Day 3

 We started our third day at Hollywood studios.  We got there right as it opened and hit the Toy Story ride.  We were able to get our fast passes for later that morning and waited in line to ride it right away.  We only had to wait 20 minutes at most.  Here's Yoda Carter and Minnie Mouse Audrey in line.
 Evelyn with her princess crown hood up :)
 Family picture minus Evey with Mr. Potato head.  Chuck covered him up though.  Oh well.
 After the Toy Story ride Carter got to meet his FAVORITE character Stitch!  Carter has always loved Stitch and still sleeps with him every night.  It was the cutest to see him with his love.
 Stitch actually spent a good bit of time with Carter too.  He even pretended to lick him a few times.  Carter loved that!
 Back to the Toy Story ride.  This ended up being the kids favorite ride.  Here's Carter ready to beat Grandma Debbie.
We also watched the stunt show that morning. but I didn't take any pics.  Grandma Debbie took the kids to the Little Mermaid show while Chuck, Ang, Brett and I rode the rock 'n' roller coaster.  Then we all watched to Muppets 3D show together.
  We headed back to the resort for lunch and to let the kids swim.  They had been asking us since we got there, "when are we going to swim?"  So, they were thrilled to finally get to swim.
 Evelyn loved the water even though it wasn't very warm
 She splashed and giggled the entire time
 Carter's always has been my little fish
 After swimming we went to Magic Kingdom for dinner.  When we got there a show was going on in front of the castle.  The kids enjoyed stopping to watch it.
After dinner we got a good spot to watch the light parade and fireworks.  It was a really late night but was totally worth keeping the kids up WAY past bedtime for.  They loved it and all of us adults were impressed.  The fireworks show was amazing!  The kids passed out the second we got on the bus.