Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kiwi Crate

 The girls LOVE getting a Kiwi Crate every month! It arrives once a month and has 2 different crafts for the girls to complete and an activity book.  All the supplies you need to make the crafts are included.  I don't have to shop or plan at all!
 This time they are making 2 luminaries.
 I wasn't sure if Evelyn would be able to handle all the crafts that get sent (she actually falls in the Koala Crate age range) but I wanted the girls to be making the same thing to make it easier for me to help them.  She does great and sometimes surprises me with how well she completes certain tasks.
 Evelyn's completed luminaries
 They are always proud of the finished product

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Grandma & Grandpa visit

 Grandma & Grandpa came to visit mid-January.  Carter met his match playing chess with Grandpa.  It was hard and frustrating for him at first (he got used to beating Audrey all the time).  By the end of the weekend he realized it was good for him to learn from Grandpa.
 Grandma helped the girls make necklaces and bracelets with Evelyn's pop beads
Audrey got to practice partnering with Grandpa

Friday, April 17, 2015

Best buds

I know I've posted before on how Evelyn and Sasha are buds, but I have to share these too.  It just never gets old to me.  I kept finding Sasha in bed with Evelyn when I would get out of the shower.  Now I know why.  Evelyn is clever and carries treats with her so that Sasha follows :)
 They are just too cute!
 Evelyn considers Sasha hers.  Whenever, Carter or Audrey cuddle or pet her Evelyn gets possessive and tells them, "No, my Sasha!"
 It took a lot of convincing to get Evelyn out of bed and dressed that morning.
 Once again, treats in bed=Sasha in bed
Evelyn cuddling with Sasha and her baby.  Her idea of a perfect morning.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Post Christmas fun

The rest of Christmas break always goes by so quickly.  The kids enjoy having the time to play with all their new things.  Audrey couldn't wait to make her first batch of Easy Bake cookies.  She did a great job following directions.  They were devoured in a matter of seconds.  Evelyn immediately asked for more :)  Audrey got a variety of kits so more tiny desserts are in our future.
 The Bienhoffs send Barnes and Noble gift cards for the kids every year.  They love picking out new books!  I love that they enjoy reading so much.
 Carter attempted to teach Audrey how to play chess.  It was interesting to listen in on that interaction.  I have to admit that they lasted longer than I thought they would.  Several lessons later, I think Audrey is actually starting to understand the game.  Maybe.
 The break is the perfect time to have a couple of family movie nights.  Audrey had to watch from her new sleeping bag.
 Evelyn doesn't quite sit through a movie yet.  Instead she goofs around or plays in the playroom.
 The girls like to match each other.  Bitty Baby has the matching dress too but I forgot to have them hold her for the picture.  I'll have to get one of all 3 matching.  They get so many compliments on this dress!
Audrey is now a brick master like Carter.  She loves her princess lego sets.