Thursday, July 28, 2011

couple of firsts

Spending the week with Zach really got Carter to try new things. Carter is normally hesitant and cautious so it was really good for him to buddy up with Zach. He thought he was a big shot for agreeing to go tubing by himself. Zach and Justin rode on each side of him.
Zach and Carter
Carter was all smiles in the beginning.
Grinning ear to ear looking like such a big boy riding by himself. We even went faster than he's ever gone before. All was good until...
...he fell off! I was so impressed because the second Carter fell off Zach jumped in after him. Zach going in that quickly is what saved the day. Carter was upset, swallowed some water and spit it up on Zach's shoulder but recovered quickly. He was all smiles again once he was sitting safely in the boat.
That night Uncle John got the 4-wheeler out. He asked Carter if he wanted to ride with him and he said no. So Zach asked him and Carter immediately said yes! He was so excited to ride with his BFF.
All smiles coming back. He looked like a little bobble head trying to keep his head up with the heavy helmet on. It was so cute!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

tubing & smores

It's the end of July and I'm almost caught up with posting about our trip. These pictures were taken the 4th of July.
Carter a.k.a. Nemo lounging on the lobster
Zach, Angela, Aaron & Trevor tubing
Slow tubing with Carter & Audrey. Carter wanted to ride with his BFF, Zach this time. The surprise was that I managed to get Audrey on the tube. She whined at first but once we got moving she liked it. Then she fell asleep half way around the lake.
Zach got Carter in touch with his adventurous side throughout the week. He got Carter to stand on the tube this time around. Then Carter said, "I want to be a dare devil like Zach."
When there's a fire Carter wants smores. He loves roasting marshmallows. I think he had 2 smores that night.
Carter roasted some marshmallows for Audrey too. Here she is enjoying her ooey gooey goodness.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

more cottage pics

Carter, Audrey & Ava playing in the sand
Aaron, Carter, Justin & Trevor riding in the boat
Carter picked Tita Amy to ride with him tubing.
Ava passed out on Aaron half way around the lake.
Uncle Brett passed out on the couch. The guys were up early to golf each morning. Anna decided he needed to cuddle with baby Stella :)
Carter trying to help Tita Amy kayak
Me, Brett, Ryan2 & Holly
This was a big deal cuz Brett normally doesn't want anything to do with tubing. This time he actually admitted to having fun.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The cottage

It's a Schmidt family tradition to spend the 4th of July weekend at Uncle John & Aunt Tami's cottage. It was so much fun to be home for it this year and get to spend a beautiful weekend on the lake with a lot of family.
Audrey was a diva (surprising, I know). She's a spoiled pool girl and didn't want to get in the lake. She kept saying the water was dirty.
Carter on the other hand was a fish. He was in the water all hours of the day. I had to make him come out for lunch & dinner. He's enjoying the water in this picture with Aunt Tami, Tita Angela, Tita Amy & Grandma Debbie
Carter, Ava & Natalie getting splashed by Aunt Linda
Sitting on the dock with Tita Amy ready to watch the annual boat parade.
Care Bear Stare!
This years theme was cartoon or movie. We chose to do the Care Bears and took first place. Way to go Angela on a job well done with the decorations & costumes!
Saturday night Uncle John set off some fireworks. Carter loved it this year! He would oh & ah and clap after every one. He was so cute to watch. Audrey loved watching them and called them sparkles. She didn't like the noise though and finished watching from inside.
Zach gave Carter a big sparkler. By the look on his face you can tell he enjoyed it.
More lake happenings to come...

still catching up

We got back from the Dells late Thursday. Friday morning the kids watched cartoons with the dogs while Angela & I started to pack for the lake.
We had to grocery shop for the lake before leaving. The kids loved the cart and made plenty of noise throughout the store "driving".
While we loaded the car the kids got a kick out of sitting in the front.
Audrey buckled Stitch in Carter's seat and baby Stella in her seat.
We finally got going later then planned. We went through a drive through and let the kids eat dinner in the car. After they ate we had a peaceful drive to the lake.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Farwell Gang invades Great Wolf Lodge

Wednesday we got in the car and drove to Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells for our annual Farwell Gang reunion. This is the first time we did an overnight get together with everyone. It ended up working out better than I think we all expected. It was so nice to have that much time together and we all had a blast. Everyone was sad to go home the next day. It has us looking forward to the next time already! Here's just a few of the many pictures I took...
Audrey & I going down one of the outdoor slides together. This was Carter's favorite slide.
We found this great spot to hang out and chat. We could sit and watch the kids play on the floating snake and tubes. in the pic-Tim, Amelia, Mel, Amy, Emerson, Maelle, Hillary & Claire
My handsome boy absolutely loved it there! The second we left he asked to go back some day :)
Audrey kept playing with these water spout things
It was so much fun to watch the 3 boys (front to back-Gabe, Drew & Carter) play together. They weren't shy and the second we were all there they immediately started playing together as if they see each other all the time. They played on these jet skis for at least an hour.
That evening we ordered pizza and had a picnic in the Bunkelman suite. The Bunkelman's had a suite then the Gilles clan, Gaerthofner clan & Aprahamian clan shared a suite.
Kids picnicking on the floor & watching a movie
After letting the kids stay up WAY past bedtime it was time to get them tucked in for the night. Here's Angela reading them a bedtime story.
Drew & Carter looking too cute in the morning. They shared the pull out couch. Drew survived sharing a bed with my wiggle worm :)
Amelia, Carter & Gabe (in the back) playingThe four mamas about to ride the tornado top-Me & Mel, bottom, Hillary & Amy
It was so much fun! The kids waited at the bottom with Tim & Angela and looked relieved that we made it back.
the group shot of the kids
left to right-Emerson-1, Audrey-2, Claire-3, Drew-4, Carter-5, Maelle(above him)-3, Gabe-5 & Amelia-6
The mamas
Hillary, Amy, Me & Mel
I love these women so much! They are like my other sisters. I'm so grateful for our friendship and the fact that it has stood the test of time & distance. I can't wait to live closer to these amazing women!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Mon & Tue were lazy days. The kids slept in and vegged out a little. Angela and I worked on the boat parade shirts while the kids watched movies. Mon. night I taught Angela how to make dad's bbq. We stayed up til 1am putting it together! It turned out delicious! Don't ask me what's in it. It's our secret ancient Filipino recipe :)
I didn't take any pictures those two days except these from our stop at Leon's frozen custard. Our trip wouldn't be complete with out stopping at Leon's! It's seriously the best frozen custard you will ever have in your life!
Audrey was covered from head to toe in melted chocolate goodness.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Apple Holler

Sunday was another beautiful day so we decided on outdoor activities again. We tried out this place called Apple Holler. It turned out to be an interesting place to visit. The food in the bakery & restaurant was good 'ol home cooking but the service was awful. The outdoor activities didn't seem to be completely up and running and needed some TLC. It could be a really cute and fun place if it was run properly. Nonetheless, the kids had fun.
They had a neat set up for the goats. Carter loved this contraption that brought the food up to the goat standing at the top of the bridge. It was funny to watch because the goat would try and help move it with it's head.
I don't know how many times he did that thing
Audrey enjoyed feeding the goats as well.
There was an adorable baby bunny. The kids were enamored with this little guy. I think they could've sat there all day watching him.
In the cow maze with Uncle Brett. Apple Holler also had a corn maze and an apple tree maze. Carter made us try them all.
Swinging monkey
Taking a short lived break with Grandma Debbie on the swing
Both kids going down the slide with Uncle Brett
Striking a pose at the top of the slide
The kids did slide races with each other and with Uncle Brett and Tita Angela
Audrey climbing up the slide instead of sliding down it.