Monday, July 24, 2017

Club Christmas party

The weekend after Thanksgiving the club had the annual Kid's Christmas Party.
 Making some ornaments before seeing Santa
 They would spend the entire party in the craft room if I let them
 The live reindeer are always a hit
 This years pic with Santa
 Evelyn finally agreed to sit on his lap.  Past years she was always terrified.
 Carter still cheesing while the girls move on to telling the jolly man what they want for Christmas.
 Decorating cookies
 And the giant gingerbread house
 Love my crazies

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Nutcracker photos, etc

Mid November Audrey had her Nutcracker pictures taken.  This year she was fortunate to be cast in 2 roles.  An angel
And a lamb
The kids had spirit week at school.  This is from crazy hair or hat day
 Dress like a pirate day.  They didn't have costumes so I quick made the vests and found some red fabric for the sashes.
Evelyn and her friends like to stay and play on the playground after dismissal.  We found them all piled in the storage unit.
 Little mama pushing her Lambie on the swing

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Broken monkey

We didn't have a good start to November.  I got the dreaded phone call from school telling me Carter got hurt and I need to come get him. My monkey had fallen off the monkey bars.  Luckily, I had already picked up Evelyn from preschool and was on my way home when they called.  We went straight to school instead and called Chuck on the way.
 While I was picking up Carter, Chuck got the ball rolling at the hospital.  As soon as we got there we headed straight to radiology. Sure enough, Carter broke his radius.  The pediatric orthopedic surgeon thought it would be best to do a closed reduction.  We got it scheduled for the morning and Carter was hard splinted in the mean time.
Carter in pre-op
Chuck took Carter in to pre-op while I got Audrey off to school and Evelyn dropped off at a friend's house.  I'm grateful for a wonderful group of preschool mom friends that are my village in times like this.  I was able to make it to the hospital shortly after Carter went into the OR.  Chuck was with him until he went to sleep and then met me in the waiting room.    
 They needed to use more sedation than anticipated. He had a tough time waking up as a result.  But here he is in post-op giving me a thumbs up.
 After some time in recovery, a snack and some juice he was looking more himself and ready to go home.  We had a fantastic nurse that had the same taste in books as him. She gave him some recommendations with our discharge papers.  The morning moved along smoothly. He was discharged and home in time to pick up Evelyn from school.
He had to learn to accept help with tasks as he was ordered non weight bearing for a few weeks.