Monday, May 30, 2016


 Evelyn really looks forward to gymnastics every week.  They had pajama day for this lesson.

 She still had to wear her leotard underneath her pajamas.
 Her facial expression here is hilarious!
Jumping off the vault

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fired up

 The December PMSA playgroup met at Fired Up to paint ornaments.  They got to pick 2 ornaments to paint.
 They also enjoyed a Christmas story and yummy snacks.
 With how busy December is, it was a small turn out.  But these kiddos (and the moms) had a really good time together.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

More Nutcracker

 Audrey with her ballet friend, Mira.  They really formed a bond throughout all the rehearsals, etc.
 The pages aren't on until the second half.  The last dress rehearsal they let the girls sit in the audience and watch the first half.
 The last dress rehearsal was the first time they used the fog.  They all thought it was pretty neat.
 Keeping busy backstage.
 The pages and the cherubs shared a table in the dressing room.  These girls were a well behaved group.

 Love this crazy kid!
 Taking silly pics together.
 There were a lot of friendships formed.
 Mira taught the girls to finger weave
 Carter and Evelyn enjoyed watching Audrey in the Nutcracker.  They came to the last performance.
Audrey's school journal entry :)
As exhausting as it was at times, Audrey loved every minute of it and didn't want it to end.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


 Audrey was cast as one of the 4 pages in the Nutcracker.  It's the first year she was eligible to audition.  It's quite the time commitment so I wasn't sure about it.  Well, Audrey decided for me. Before we even knew what part she got she came home from school saying, "I told all my friends I'm in the Nutcracker!"
 She loved every minute of it.  Here she is backstage ready for the first dress rehearsal at the Civic Center.
 All 4 pages
 Love my ballerina.  I think she liked the one on one time with me on the nights I chaperoned.
The girls were so good about keeping themselves entertained in the dressing room. 
 She loved being on the big stage.
 Theater week was exciting but busy.  We were at the Civic Center every night that week.
 They also did 2 school performances Thursday.

 The neat part about her role is that she got to stay on stage with Marie and the Prince.
 She got to see almost all of the second half up close.
 Her favorite part was that she got to go under Mother Ginger's dress to get off stage. 
 All those late rehearsals wears a ballerina out

Sunday, May 1, 2016

field trips

 Audrey's Girl Scout troop took a field trip to Greenview Nursery.  They learned about different plants, did a scavenger hunt around the nursery and made a bird feeder.
 working on the scavenger hunt
 Evelyn's class took a field trip to Target to shop for families in need.  The kids were divided up into different groups and were given shopping lists to complete.  The kids had fun finding the items and giving their input in what we should get.
 After we were done shopping we headed back to school.  The kids got to have cookies and punch.  Definitely, the highlight of the morning.
 My kiddos looking cute and ready for Christmas.
I haven't been doing as good of a job documenting the random moments between the kiddos.  I'm glad I got a pic of this one.  I love when I go upstairs to check on their bedtime progress and find them in bed together reading.  It's moments like these I want to keep them little forever.