Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mato time!

Many of you know that Carter is my little tomato monster. Or as he likes to call them, matoes. He eats the little grape tomatoes like they are candy wanting them with breakfast, lunch & dinner. I have to buy the giant container of them at Sam's to keep up with him. Anyway, last weekend Home Depot had their veggie plants buy one get one free. We thought it would be fun to get some tomato plants for Carter.
Audrey enjoying the outdoors. She likes to carry around sticks and other treasures just like her big brother.
We also picked up some basil and oregano. Audrey pulled the oregano out of the pot and Carter was right there to fix it.
Carter really enjoys having jobs and taking care of things. I think he is going to have fun watching the plants grow and helping take care of them. He did a great job planting and watering them. We just put them in pots since our ground is rocks and clay. We'll see how they do.
Carter is trying to block Audrey from pulling on the plant while he waters it. He has been checking on his mato plants every day to see if they have grown. He's going to be so excited when they actually start producing some for him to pick.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Splash pad

We've been having really nice weather the last couple of weeks. So we met up with some friends at the zoo to cool off at the splash pad.
Carter loved it as always. He would run under the water, step on it making it spray everywhere and kung fu fight it.
Audrey enjoyed walking around the soft surface. Noah is in the background splashing away.
She had enough when she got splashed in the face by one of the water spouts. She hasn't figured out yet that water randomly comes shooting out of certain spots. Poor thing.
Carter didn't want to go home when Audrey was ready for her nap. We'll be visiting the splash pad again since the pool at the gym doesn't open until the end of May.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our other baby

Poor Sasha puts up with a lot having two little ones running around the house. She is so good with them though. Exhibit A: Audrey pulling on her ears and Sasha just giving me a look. Audrey also finds it fun to poke Sasha with the foam swords Tita Amy sent. It's funny to watch but I haven't caught a picture of it yet. Carter just pats her and says, "It's ok Sash."
She isn't always abused. Carter picked this special treat out at the pet store for her. He sat there and watched her eat the whole thing. She also made quite a mess. Carter enjoys taking care of her. He fills her bowl with food when it's gone and gives her treats almost every day.
Audrey likes to tease Sasha with her food. She'll hold it out until Sasha is about to take it and then doesn't let her have it. She can also be sweet and share her snacks with Sasha. That morning Audrey was feeding her cheerios one by one.
Vegging on the couch with Carter. So cute. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Tita Amy sent these bunny ears. They got a kick out of them.
Trying to get my monkeys to sit still for a nice picture
Church had an Easter egg hunt for the kids before the service. Carter loved it and filled up his basket in no time. Every egg was filled with candy which he munched on during the service.
Audrey even found some eggs.