Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tita Angela's last visit to the 'ham

Tita Angela came down for one last visit before we move! I love the sound of that :) As always the kids ate up all the extra attention and had lots of fun with her.
We went to the botanical gardens to get some pictures of the kids for the Easter card.
Audrey's b-day presents from Tita Angela & Uncle Brett came while she was here. They got Audrey a princess music set among other goodies. Both Audrey and Carter love making lots of noise with all the instruments. I can't wait until they have kids. Pay back is going to be fun!
They always include a little something for Carter too. They found him fun Cars socks and Iron Man tattoos. He decided to model them on his feet and hands :) Audrey's modeling her new sparkly tutu. She loved it so much she slept in it that night.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Productive weekend

Chuck and I took a much needed last minute trip to Peoria, IL this last weekend. We needed to meet with the builder and get everything picked out for the house so they can start building. We got into Peoria after 10 pm Friday night and left at 5 am Tuesday. Our 3 days there were completely booked with meetings with all the suppliers.
Even though it was crazy busy we had an amazing time. We are trilled to have O'Neal builders building us our dream home! They are an amazing team and build beautiful homes. Our designer was an absolute pleasure to work with. She made the experience enjoyable instead of overwhelming. We worked around the clock with her while we were there and got it all done.
Here we are in front of part of our land. It's partially cleared here. They are getting all the permits and clearing the rest this week so they can dig the basement next week. They are going to keep us up to date with everything that's happening and will be e-mailing us pictures of the progress. We are so happy with our decision to build and can't wait to see all our selections come together!

While we were in Peoria we got an offer on our house in Birmingham! We came to an agreement with the buyer and the inspection was Tuesday. Now it's official that the kids and I will be in Peoria by June 1st. Chuck will crash with someone while he finishes through the end of June. Could the weekend have been any more productive?!?!?!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Astronaut & Alien day

Last week Friday Carter had astronaut and alien day at school to wrap their space unit. They got to dress up as an astronaut or alien. Carter chose to be an astronaut.
Here's the shirt I made him with the picture I copied. I painted all the patches on.
Carter modeling his shirt. I made him a short sleeve one instead of long sleeve since it's been so warm out. He had a lot of fun with all the special activities they got to do that day.
And here's Audrey having a Marilyn Monroe moment before leaving for ballet. She thought it was hilarious and was sad when the air stopped.