Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Playground fun

 Beginning of May also brought gorgeous weather.  We took advantage and went to the park. Evelyn was cute trying to push Carter on the swing.
 The kids love it and I love that it gets their energy out.
 Carter being king of the mountain, or something along those lines.
 Climbing the twisty thing
 The little diva in her sunglasses
They spent a lot of time blowing dandelion seeds.
 Oh, the simple pleasures on life.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Muffins with Moms & the Zoo

May started out with Muffins with Moms at Carter and Audrey's school.  I love getting the opportunity to go to school with the kids.
 The chicks in Carter's class hatched the day before.  He was so excited to show them to me.  They were so cute!
 Evelyn is obsessed with babies.  She crammed 3 babies into the stroller.
 After Muffins with Mom Evelyn and I met some of her friends at the zoo.  Evelyn and Sienna are so cute together.  Tucker was there too but he didn't want to get in the picture..
 These 2 girls have a lot of fun together.
 They loved the giant ants
 They were having so much fun they didn't want to leave
 They were hilarious trying to both fit in one side of the egg.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Audrey's music program

 We ended the month of April with Audrey's music program.
They left the basketball hoops down so Carter pretended to hang from it.  He could reach it standing at the top of the bleachers.
 Audrey was front and center for the program.
 They did a great job!
 I don't know what I did with the picture of the program.  Otherwise, I would tell you the name of the program.
 Our kids love music so it's always fun to watch them sing.
It never gets old to snuggle this cute sleeping face.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Child labor

 We had 2 tons of mulch delivered to spread in all our beds.  We put the kids to work to get it all done.
 They were happy to help in the beginning.
 But they didn't last too long.
 Surprisingly, Evey lasted the longest.
Back inside, it was time for more kiwi crate.  The girls loved the dinosaur visors and feet.
Evelyn loves to swing he piggy tails

Monday, July 13, 2015

Rainforest Live, etc

Rainforest Live came to Dunlap for 2 nights.  I wasn't going to take the kids because Chuck was on call and I didn't think Evelyn would sit through the whole show.  The kids really wanted to go so I took my chances.  It was such a fun and interesting show and the kids had a blast.  Carter and Audrey were even brave enough to hold a boa constrictor!
 After the show the kids pet an alligator.
 It was hard to get a clear picture of it.  They really moved the kids along quickly.  I don't blame them because it was a packed house with a ton of kids lined up.  In the end the kids really enjoyed the show and I'm glad we went.
 Spring time=finally getting to play outside!
We want to get Evelyn going on her balance bike.  Here's her apprehensive face.
 It didn't take her long to get going and feel more comfortable.
 Evelyn found Carter's scrubs.  She looked so cute in them and we had to call her Dr. Aprahamian while she wore them.
 I had to share this funny paper that came home in Audrey's folder.
 Love these 2!  They were cuddling together while we waited for Audrey at ballet.
 It was clown fish day at school.  Naturally, I couldn't just send them to school in a plain orange shirt.  So, I painted them. :)
The kids love when the book fair is at school.  All three of them enjoyed picking out new books. They couldn't even wait to get home to read them.  I love how much they enjoy reading!

Thursday, July 9, 2015


 Audrey's ballet academy had parent observation week.  It was nice to have the chance to sit in class and get some pictures.  Usually, I watch through the window or the tv in the waiting room.
 Class starts with barre work.  I don't know what I did with those pictures.  They work across the floor next.  I love the look on concentration on her face.

 Last, is center work.
Every class ends with a reverence

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Easter morning Evelyn dug right into her basket full of goodies.
 After breakfast we set up an Easter egg hunt in the backyard.
 It's fun watching Carter and Audrey find their eggs and then helping Evelyn find hers.
 It seemed like a lot of eggs when I was hiding them.  Finding all of them went quicker than I thought it would.
 Happy with their loot
 It was hard getting them to pose for a picture.  They were anxious to get inside and start opening all the eggs.