Friday, May 27, 2011

Jedi shuttle

Carter had been saving all the money he received from people to buy something special. So with his own money and a gift card he was able to buy this lego jedi shuttle set. When we got to the store he went straight to the lego section and took his time to pick out the best one. He even wanted to check out separately and pay the cashier himself. He looked like such a big boy waiting to check out with his Iron Man wallet in hand.
It took us quite some time to put it all together. He did a really good job following the directions and did a good bit of it himself. Look how excited he is in this picture. So cute!
He picked this one because the wings spin around and 4 characters with light sabers came with it. He has played with it every day.
Then there's little miss...Her idea of getting dressed is to put on princess undies, a tutu, her plastic princess heels and a bracelet. She truly thought she was ready to go bye-bye like this (including the chocolate all over her face). She makes me laugh every day.
Sasha is an indoor dog during the summer. You can always find her lying on top of an air vent. This morning she had no interest in going outside so the kids saw it as an opportunity to cuddle and use her as a pillow. She's so good with them.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Few more beach pics

Here's a couple more pics from the beach. For those of you that can't get enough (Angela) you can see all 211 of them here. You can also click here to see some Ashley took.
Carter is so much fun to watch at the beach. He truly loves it there and can't get enough of the water & sand.
Audrey loved rinsing off at the outdoor shower. There are two of them next to each other and she would have to use both before heading inside.
Another attempt at a timed picture
I love this picture of the two of them
The Spanns came over another morning and we had a lot of fun. The guys enjoyed margaritas on the beach. The kiddos had fla-vor-ice while watching the guys run along the beach trying to fly a kite. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of that. I love this pic of Brooklyn striking a pose I caught.
One last try at a family pic.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Carter officially turns five

While we were in Destin Carter officially turned 5. We've been celebrating his birthday for a month now with packages arriving since Audrey's birthday and we already had their party. We still had to celebrate on his actual birthday. He was excited too. The first thing he would tell us every morning was how many more days till his birthday.
Chuck and Carter were up before Audrey and I were so Chuck took him to the Donut Hole to pick out a donut and bring some back for the rest of us. Not only do they make good donuts there but they also make the best key lime pie we have ever had. So it's another one of our must hits in Destin. Carter picked his favorite, chocolate frosting & sprinkles and Chuck got his, key lime filled.
After dinner we sang happy birthday to him. I brought his darth vader candle and birthday hat along and we him an oreo frozen custard cake from Shakes. It was as good as it sounds!
Audrey had to take a turn blowing out the candle :)
Carter opening all of his star wars presents from us. I think the look on his face says it all.
Like I said, the cake was delicious! The kids devoured it!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Destin, FL

Last week was Chuck's last week of vacation for this year. We decided to spend the week at our favorite beach, Destin, FL. We were so ready for it especially, because all four of us were sick the entire week leading up to vacation. It was an amazing time as always. We had beautiful weather everyday and the kids love it there as much as we do. Here are some pics with more to come...
A family pic taken on the dock at the original Dewey Destin. The best seafood place in Destin! There is now a second location on the harbor. We of course ate at both locations :)
Team work digging a hole
Carter doing what he called his water dance
The kids kept sitting on the ropes outside our condo
Carter always has to get buried
We were fortunate to have the Spann family there the same week! The guys went golfing one morning so Ashley and Brooklyn came over to play on the beach with us. Another afternoon Ashley and I got to go get pedicures. It was so much fun having friends there to hang out and go to dinner with. Carter was so good with Brooklyn. He even got protective of her when the waves would wash up. So cute!
Audrey laughing at the waves