Saturday, January 21, 2017

CCP sports

 By the time we got home from the beach, the kid's activities were in full swing at the club.  This summer was Audrey's first year in Junior Golf. Carter moved up to the 4 hole boys group.
Carter walked on his own with the group he was assigned to since I can trust him to follow the rules.  I decided to walk with Audrey since it was her first year and knew she would need more guidance.
 It was also Audreys first year on the swim team. She got a little carried away with the body art at her first meet. Her back says, eat my bubbles. But she had fun and got a second and fourth place ribbon in her individual events.  Not bad for her first meet.
 They got the rest of their ribbons at practice,  Audrey's relay got first!  
 Group picture
Audrey is in the front row on the left.  Carter is on the diving board on the left.
 Carter on the starting blocks and diving in
 breast and backstroke
 Audrey lining up and doing backstroke.  She likes backstroke because she can breathe the entire time.
 Freestyle is his strongest stroke
Audrey is already pretty fast with her freestyle
A non-swim team victory for Audrey.  She has conquered her fear of the high dive!
He's still my bug boy
The kids also played tennis but I didn't get any pictures of it for some reason.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

final 30asurgandsurf post

 Crystal clear water, sugar white sand and blue skies.  What's not to love?
 Family beach pic
I'm so happy these girls got Audrey to like playing in the water.
These guys spent hours hunting fish with their nets
 Group shot of the adults courtesy of Carter.
We couldn't have asked for a better week at the beach!
Evelyn fell in love with Drake.  How could you not?
The kids enjoyed one last stop at Blue Mountain creamery

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

surgandsurf bonfire

 We decided to do something fun for the kiddos and had a bonfire on the beach.  We had a company set up the chairs and make the fire for us.  We just had to bring the supplies for the s'mores.
 We were able to snag some pictures before the roasting began.
 Our family in our happy place
 The dads and all 12 kiddos
 group shot
 silly pic
 The moms and the dads
 With pictures out of the way, it was time to make s'mores.
Love the setting sun in the background.
It really ended up being a fun activity for our group
My s'mores loving kids
 After getting all sticky they played in the water.  They thought it was pretty cool we let them get wet in their clothes.
 The firsts, seconds and thirds
 The boys looked so cute hanging out by the fire
 A bonfire on the beach at night is the perfect setting for ghost stories.  Lee really had their attention.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

surgandsurf cont.

 Chuck watching cartoons with all the kiddos after breakfast.
 The waves were all the way up to the chairs this morning.
 boogie boarding
 She loves the beach!
 My 2 beach bums
 The boys went golfing one morning and the girls got to have a girls night out.
 The dads ordered pizza and took the kids for ice cream while the moms were out.
 The influence of friends got Audrey in the water this year.  She realized the ocean is a lot of fun.  She even got to see a bunch of fish and sting rays.
 building sand castles and destroying them
 The kiddos all fit at the large dinning table.  Meal time was always eventful.
 Enjoying the beach at sunset

 Love my kiddos
 Carter and Lee 3 were fishing buddies.  They spent so much time trying to catch fish with their nets.
 I love how well the kids played together.