Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast

 Audrey had a Thanksgiving Feast at school.  Each family contributed to the meal and the kids did a little program before we ate.
 They dressed as Indians and sang some songs for us.  They also led us in prayer before the meal.
 She had fun sitting with her friends Alaina and Sydney
 Such goof balls
 The kids all picked an Indian name.  Audrey picked Falling Leaves and decorated her dress to match.  I'm not sure why she picked that name.
They also picked three things they are thankful for.  Audrey picked Earrings (no surprise since she was still so excited to have them), friends and toys.  Carter told her it should be God, family and friends.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Audrey gets her bling

 Audrey had been going back and forth with the idea of getting her ears pierced.  She would say she wants it done but then change her mind because it would hurt.  This went on for months.  All of a sudden she decided she was ready.  We were in the car and she asked to go right now.
Chuck got home early from work so we decided it was the perfect opportunity to take her.  Plus, we were able to get it done before Carter got home from school.  Audrey was really brave and didn't want to hold our hand.  She didn't cry or even say ouch.  She did AWESOME!
 The first look she gave me
The look of that didn't feel like a shot.  When she was going back and forth with the idea I was honest with her that it will hurt a little but that it would be quick like a shot.  She does great with shots and never cries or complains about them so I thought it would give her the encouragement she needed.
 That look quickly turned to a smile.  She was thrilled to have her pink diamonds.
 Such a poser :)
She kept asking for pink diamonds and picked out these pink flowers

Saturday, January 18, 2014


 It's always fun to watch the kiddos goof around together.  I found the 3 of them spinning circles in Evelyn's chair.
 Audrey wanted to build a fort while we waited or Carter to come home from school.  Evelyn thought it was so much fun.  It's the simple pleasures in life.
 Bath time to Carter =naked jam session time
 Evelyn found one of Audrey's princess crowns.  Audrey says she's princess #1 and Evey is princess #2.  We'll see if Evey turns out to be as big of a diva as princess #1
 The kids requested to have lunch in the basement.  Instead of eating at the counter they wanted to eat in the tent.  They did pretty well and didn't make too much of a mess :)
 Bath time is always interesting with these two.
 There are sweet moments like this one too.  Love this!
This little girl doesn't know what to do with out her blankies

Monday, January 13, 2014

Family movie night

 The kids love having the theater room.  We had family movie night to watch Monsters University.
The movie hadn't even started yet and Evelyn was already goofing around. :)  I'm not sure how many toys from the playroom ended up in the theater room by the end of the movie.  This picture also reminded us that we still need to paint the speaker grills (they are now painted)
 I know I've shared gymnastics pictures already but I have to post this one too.  It is too cute with her concentrating so hard her tongue is sticking out
 October was so crazy that we didn't celebrate my birthday until the beginning of Nov.  Better late then never right?
The kids always like to help blow out the candles.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


 The kiddos had fun Halloween.  When Carter got home from school they got to decorate Halloween cookies.  Thank you to Great Grandma Aprahamian for the fun Halloween cookie set!  It came with the cookies, frosting and sprinkles.
 I always enjoy seeing how the kids end up decorating all the cookies.
 While Carter and Audrey decorated cookies, Evelyn thought her toy basket was the perfect spot to hang out.
 The kids requested the usual Halloween dinner.  They like helping me make the mummy dogs and homemade mac n cheese (brains).  I think this year they decided the green beans are Frankenstein fingers
 Our Halloween dinner is always washed down with blood (cherry pomegranate crystal lite) 
 My munchkins all dressed up
 Maverick from Top Gun
 Princess Jasmine
Poor Audrey was sick.  I had planned on doing her hair and make up just like Jasmine.  I had to talk her into putting her costume on for a picture.
 Snow White taking her bow off
 Audrey didn't want to go trick or treating initially.  She changed her mind as Chuck & Carter were getting ready to leave.  Evelyn thought she could go too.  We were all going to go together this year but it was raining.  So, I stayed back with Evey and manned the door.
Happy with their loot

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Halloween at ballet

 Audrey got to wear a costume to ballet since class was the day before Halloween.  She had wanted this costume specifically because it had a tutu even though she already had her Halloween costume.  So, this was her ballet costume. :)  Dress up things never go to waste in this house.
I didn't let her wear the antennae to class since they wouldn't stay on.  As soon as I set them down Evelyn snatched them up and put them on.  She was pretty proud of herself. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Pumpkin carving

 We got back from San Diego days before Halloween.  We still had to carve pumpkins so we got it done after dinner the only night we didn't have after school activities.
 Audrey still thinks the gooey insides are yuck!
 An attempt at a family picture with the pumpkins.  Audrey always has to do ballet arms in pictures :)
 Another attempt
Only 4 pumpkins got finished before the kids had to get ready for bed
 Carter's Captain America pumpkin
 Chuck's basic pumpkin
 Audrey's Jasmine pumpkin
 Evelyn's Snow White pumpkin
My Princess and the frog pumpkin