Sunday, April 28, 2013

Disney day 1

Our Disney trip started bright and early.  We had to get the kids up at 4:30am!  They were happy and excited anyway because they knew we were leaving for Disney.
 Evelyn sitting with birthday girl Audrey on the plane.  It was Evelyn's first flight.  Both Carter and Audrey had flown already by this age.  When our first flight landed Audrey asked if we were in Disney :)  Nope.  One more plane.
 After the second flight we were there!  The second we stepped off the plane Audrey said, "This doesn't look like Disney"  I guess we should've explained the process better.  We met up with Grandma Debbie and we were off to the magical express.  Audrey sat with Grandma Debbie on the bus and was happy to watch the video on the way to the resort.
 We checked in, ate lunch then headed to the dock to wait for the boat to meet up with Tita Angela and Uncle Brett at Hollywook Studios.  For whatever reason I didn't get a picture of our hotel.  But we stayed at the Beach Club Resort.  Here's Evelyn in the stroller ready to go.
 The kids thought it was neat that we could get there by boat.  Audrey is wearing her birthday pin and sash.  I have a better picture of it I'll have to find and maybe add to this post.  She did like all the extra attention from people telling her happy birthday princess and asking how old she is.
 Audrey sitting with Uncle Brett watching the Beauty and the Beast show.  It's her favorite Disney movie.
 Carter was thrilled to see the Star Wars attractions!  He thought this AT AT was so cool.
 Daddy and Carter ready for Star Tours.  Carter loved it!  It was really neat because Uncle Brett's picture came up as the spy.  Carter thought that was hilarious!
 Our first family picture of the week
That night we stayed for the Fantasmic Mickey show.  (Angela has pictures of us at it that I'll have to add later)  It was an awesome fireworks, water, light show.  At the end all the characters come out on the boat driven by Mickey.  The show was so impressive and was the perfect way to kick start our trip.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Audrey's 4, well almost

 Since we were going to be traveling on Audrey's birthday we celebrated a couple of days early.  Dairy Queen ice cream cake has been the cake of choice in this house lately so that's what we got.  She's been so excited to turn 4 asking almost every day for the last couple of months if it's her birthday yet :)
 Blowing out the candles
After she blew them out she asked, "Now are we going to Disney?"
 We even let her open presents early.  She loves her dancing movies!  She loves to put her ballet slippers on and dance along with every scene.
 Audrey often checks Chuck's pockets for change to put in her piggy bank.  We found her the perfect one.  A Belle bank!
 She's been wanting this dancing Lalaloopsy since Christmas.  She was thrilled to finally get it.
The next day school gave her a birthday crown to wear and they had their Easter egg hunt.  She's holding the bunny basket they made out of milk cartons.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

more snow

 Just a few days before we left for Disney we got more snow.  This time I had to get Evelyn out in it.  I wanted to see how she would react to it.
I love this picture of Carter showing her a snowball and helping her feel it.  He was so excited to show her what snow is.
 Evelyn's face cracks me up.  She kept patting the snow but wasn't sure what to think of it coming down on her face.  It was still coming down and the flakes were pretty big.
 Audrey was so excited to make a snowman.  I  don't know how many times she hugged it.
 Sasha is the pickle in the middle.  Carter would throw snowballs for her to jump and catch.
Back to work on the snowman

Thursday, April 18, 2013

7 months!

 Our Mini Miss turned 7 months old the end of March.  At 7 months she has 7 teeth, is continuing to eat well and simply is a happy little girl.  Evey is rolling and pushing up with her arms when she's on her tummy.  I don't think she'll be crawling for a while yet though.
 I know I've said it before but she really was meant to be a third child.  She is so easy going and puts up with the occational chaos of having 2 older siblings.
It's been fun watching her personality develop.  Evelyn can be a goofy little girl and loves to entertain us with her funny faces and sounds.  One of her favorites is still blowing bubbles.  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tae Kwon Do

 Ever since his tae kwon do birthday party last year Carter has been asking to take lessons. With the 2 moves and Evelyn being born I've been putting it off.  When the holidays were over I finally looked into it and we did some trial lessons at a couple of places. 
 He's taking lessons with Master Soo Kim and he's really enjoying it.
Since I have Audrey and Evelyn along with me at his lessons I have yet to catch some pictures of him in the studio.  When I do I'll post some.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


 I went up to Sheboygan the weekend of my mom's birthday.  The up side was that I got to spend my mom's birthday with her and take her out to eat.  The down side was that we spent the weekend packing up Grandma's house.  There was a ton to do and I am glad I could help out.  It was hard driving away since it was probably the last time I would ever be back to that house.  So many great memories were made in that house.
 Audrey also got birthday presents that weekend.  Tita Angela and Uncle Brett let her open her presents early since we are going to be in Disney on her birthday.  She got a new princess crown, princess roller blades and clothes.  She tried roller blading all over the house.  It will be fun to take her outside and practice when the weather gets nice.
 Evelyn is already a little character and loves to make all sorts of faces.  Here's one of them
Our mini miss is already into babies.  She likes playing with her baby Ariel and bottle.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Double boarded

 The first weekend in March Chuck traveled to PA to take his pediatric surgery oral boards.  This is the last step for Chuck in becoming a double boarded surgeon (general surgery and pediatric surgery).  Of course he passed and we are so proud of all his hard work.  The kids picked out a Captain America ice cream cake to celebrate.
 In kiddo news...Evelyn is loving the ducky tub.  I don't know what it is about the ducky tub but all 3 loved this thing.  We had bought Evelyn a bath chair so she wouldn't take up so much room in the tub but she hates it.
She is on the move too much to stay put in the bouncy chair anymore.  She tries to escape if I put her in it.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

School Carnival

 The first weekend in March Carter's school had their carnival.  There were all sorts of raffles and games.  Audrey's favorite thing was the face painting.
 She didn't want to take a bath that night because she wanted to keep the paint on.
 The balloon man was there and this time Carter got a sword and belt
 He also enjoyed playing all the games and winning all the cheesey prizes
Both Carter and Audrey spent most of the night running and racing each other through the bouncy house obstacle course.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A few Evey and Sasha pics

Evey loves her exersaucer and I caught Sasha supervising her
 Evelyn is our smiley little girl.  I love that she's such a happy baby.
 Sasha was running and trying to catch the snow that went flying at the same time.  This girl was made for snow and it's so much fun to watch her play in it.
 Our furry baby happy in the snow
Audrey trying again to pull Carter on the sled