Tuesday, April 25, 2017

school & zoo

 It's always nice when the school shares pictures of what my kiddos are up to at school.  It also gives me conversation starters to get the kiddos talking about their day.
 Audrey's butterfly hatched!
 Every first Friday of the month the kids have reading camp out.  Here's Audrey reading with a friend during this time.
 Evelyn and I had a play date at the zoo with the Medical Alliance.
 The kids enjoyed all the Halloween decorations that were already out
 The lion was active and kept pacing by the window.
 It was a fun morning and the kids were able to get some energy out.
 Such a little mama.  One baby in her arms, the other in the car seat and a backpack full of necessities.
 Audrey's teacher did a fun gender reveal with the class.
Disney goodies arrived from our agent and my dear friend, Mel.  It was such a fun surprise and got the kids excited to pack.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

French Lick

 The first weekend in Oct. we headed to the French Lick Resort to celebrate Great Grandma's 80th birthday.  The kids and Grandpa had fun in the pool despite the chilly temps.
 We tried out foot golf for the first time and can't wait to do it again some time.
 Kicking it in for par
 Family pic-yes, Evelyn posed herself like that. Ha!
 Birthday dinner
 Happy 80th birthday to Great Grandma!
 Family pic with Grandma and Grandpa
And with Great Grandma
 Just us 5
 With all 6 of her sons
 and spouses
 My 3 loves
Still waking up

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Go Pack Go!

Chuck and Carter went up to Wisconsin for another Packer game.  This lucky kiddo also got to eat at Coerper's for the first time. He was in steak heaven!
 Mitch, Chuck, Carter and Brett in Lambeau Field.
 He is already hooked and can't wait to get back to another game.
 They had a fun father/son weekend
Go Pack Go!
Audrey had a strong start to the school year and was awarded student of the month for September.
 Group photo of all the student of the months from each class.
 We're so proud of our Royal Student!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Family golf

 This last summer and fall was so much fun getting out on the golf course as a family.
 We love being outside enjoying the beautiful weather and views of the course.
 Carter and I started the summer losing balls on this dreaded third hole.  By the fall we were finally making it near the green.  It's been fun for me to work on my skills with the kids.
 This girl
 Audrey is really getting the hang of it and just might end up being Chuck's golfing buddy.
 Evelyn was willing to swing more by fall.  We're looking forward to her participating more this summer.
Evelyn packs ring pops in her snack bag every time we go out.  Thanks Tita Amy for the year supply!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

roller skating

 The kids were invited to a roller skating birthday party.  They were nervous since they aren't very experienced with it.  Audrey has tried a few times in the driveway and Carter hasn't done it at all.  But they were troopers and up for the challenge.
 These boys wish they went to the same school.  Unfortunately, they won't cross paths until high school.
These 2 are so funny together
 Both babies of the family=double trouble
 Carter really surprised me with how long he stuck with it.  It wasn't pretty but he stayed out there and didn't give up.
 Audrey didn't like how slick the floor was and opted for the safe option of the walker
When we got home the girls put together a dance routine with their umbrellas

Sasha pile up

Monday, April 3, 2017

Homecoming, etc

Carter and Audrey brought Crownie to the Dunlap High School Homecoming parade
 Evelyn and her friends ready to collect the candy that's thrown
Fifth grade had a patriotic day
Chuck and I got a good laugh out of our Dr. Pink fluff, aka Audrey
 Her class was excited over the arrival of their caterpillars!
 Classic Mini Miss