Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ballerina School

Last week Audrey started ballet and tap lessons at the Birmingham Dance Theatre. It took a little for her to warm up to it but she did it. At home she can't stop talking about it. She calls it ballerina school. :)
So excited to show me her leotard before leaving for her first class
She was so excited Miss Ants in her pants even sat still for me to put her hair in a bun and pull her bangs back. Of course she called it ballerina hair.Today was her second class. She didn't let me pull her bangs back this time but she's all smiles in the studio ready to dance. It was neat because they danced to a song I danced to a lot way back when I was a toddler in dance.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

swimming lessons

Carter hasn't taken swimming lessons since he was 3. Our gym only offers group lessons in the summer and the last couple of summers we've been out of town during them. So I enrolled him in private lessons and he loves it!Carter loves his coach and always asks when he gets to go again.Just 3 lessons in and he has Carter floating on his back. Carter was so still for so long I think he could've fallen asleep like that. He told me he doesn't like floating because it's boring :)

Also just 2 lessons in he has Carter jumping in off the side and swimming to the stand in the pool. Carter has always been cautious and hesitant to try new things so it's great to see him loving his lessons and doing so well.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Last time we went to the Mc Wane center we went with the Grimms. Audrey and Lee were so cute holding hands. They were running around the place like this thinking it was hilarious. It was pretty funny to watch.
They have a bubble area right now and the kids loved it. Carter got frustrated in this one because Audrey would blow and break the bubble before it was all the way up.
Success after Audrey got out! By the time we left Audrey was covered

Monday, August 15, 2011

random pics

Just a few random pictures from the last couple of weeks...
Audrey has already inherited my obsession with shoes. She goes into my closet on a daily basis and walks around the house in a pair of my shoes (even though she has plenty of her own), including my heals. I find them everywhere! This time Carter joined in and they got into my gym shoes.
I walked into the room to find them cuddling like this. So sweet!Carter has been wearing his Thomas hat around the house a lot lately. He pretends to be all sorts of characters with it.Monkey see, monkey do. Audrey had to have a turn with the hat.Another morning cuddle moment. This time with Sasha, the other baby of the house.The kids think it's hilarious to run around the house with Audrey wearing the monkey leash (backwards) and Carter pulling her. This time they needed extra gear. Carter with the tool apron. Audrey with 2 purses, blanky, and a paci.

Friday, August 12, 2011

back in the swing of things

Now that we've been home a couple of weeks we are back into our normal routine.
While we were gone Chuck made a comment on how it was weird to come home and find everything still in its place. Toys actually stayed in their place. Well not anymore. They had this mess going on in the kitchen while I was trying to cook :)
We've been back to the zoo, Mc Wane Center and pool several times already. Carter wouldn't leave the zoo with out getting his picture taken with the giant tortoises.
The pool was unexpectedly closed so I had the kiddos over in our yard and got the blow up pool out. Even though they were disappointed the big pool was closed they had a good time playing in the yard.
The interview process has started. Chuck's already gone on 1 with 3 more first interviews to go. The group here is also looking to hire so we get to go the the dinners. Carter took this picture of us while we were waiting for our sitter to come. He did a pretty good job.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy to be home

Chuck was so excited for us to come home. He restocked the fridge with the kids essentials and surprised us with gifts.
He got our music man an iPod shuffle. Carter was thrilled! He uses it all the time. We had talked about getting him one for Christmas but I guess Chuck couldn't wait :)
Then we found this chair in Audrey's room (another item we discussed for Christmas). It looks great in her room and Audrey loves it. The bonus is that it spins.
He got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It was so sweet that he welcomed us back home with such nice gifts. To top it all off he grilled Carter's favorite for dinner-steak!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Last day in WI

Saturday was our last day in WI. We went over to visit and have lunch with Great Grandma Aprahamian.
After lunch the kids enjoyed watching all the birds that come to the feeders. Grandma got the bird book out and they learned about the different birds.
Grandma Debbie and Mike drove down to have dinner with us before we left. We also got to meet up with Brett's parents and family. Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Belden for a delicious dinner.
Walking back to the cars. The next morning it was back to the airport to head home. I'm always amazed at how quickly the time goes. It never feels like we should be going home yet.
You can see all 335 pictures from the trip by clicking here

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

meeting Nixon

Friday I got to have dinner with my dear friend Christin and her little cutie, Nixon. Christin and I have been friends since 2000! She's another one of my amazing friends that I can't wait to live closer to. She had Nixon in April and I just could not wait to hold that little cutie.
Audrey never passes up an opportunity to hold a baby.
Both kiddos with Wamlet
Christin, Nixon and I before heading off to dinner
We had so much catching up to do we lost track of time and Kyle (her hubby) was wondering if they were ever coming home. Nixon was so good and just slept and chilled in his car seat the entire time. He's such a good baby.
Love you guys! Miss you tons already!

Monday, August 1, 2011

last cottage post

Audrey really enjoyed riding in the boat. Grandma Debbie came back for the day Wednesday.
Audrey would jump every time Zach did on the wake board. Carter said he had to get bigger before he'd be willing to try it :)
Uncle John made the kids slushies. Carter always picked orange and Audrey always picked red.
Audrey showing me her red slushy tongue.
By our last day there I got Audrey in the water and out to the raft. She ended up liking it as long as I stayed with her.
Carter was jumping off the raft to Justin.

The week went by way too fast. We had perfect weather all week and had a blast. It was hard to leave. Thank you so much Uncle John and Aunt Tami for a wonderful time! Carter misses you Zach :)