Friday, September 25, 2015

Swim team

 This summer was Carter's first full season on the swim team at the Country Club.  He really enjoys it and has fun with the other kids on the team.  His coaches are great too.
This was his pose for his individual picture.
Back stroke
Now that he's 9 he had to swim a lot of  50s. It took a little getting used to but he did great.
 The new diving blocks weren't here yet for the beginning of the summer. They had to dive from the deck the first few meets.
 He improved on his breast stroke.  They also made him compete in fly even though that one needs a lot of work.  But he did it.
 Carter was very busy at the club this year. He did swim team, tennis and Jr. golf.  By the time he made it back down to the pool deck Evelyn was happy to see him.  I caught this moment while we were waiting on Audrey to finish pre team practice.
 This summer brought an unbelievable amount of rain.  Every once in a while it was followed by a rainbow.  This time we had a double rainbow!
I had to zoom up on the bottom one because it was so bright.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


This summer our church youth group did a fun fundraiser for their trip to the National Youth Gathering.  They went around at night frogging people's yards.  Frog stood for them Fully Relying On God.
It was fun waking up to such a cute surprise.  Along with the frogs was a packet with who sent the frogs to you.  For a donation you get to pick who they frog next.
 They came back in the evening to pick up the packet and frogs.
Our frogged yard was the talk of the neighborhood.
 The kids had fun with the frogs.  They wanted to go with the youth group to frog someone else.  I might have to do this for fun with the kids.  They had a few friends they really wanted frog.
 I liked the one hiding in the bushes and on top of the fountain.
 Audrey played leap frog with them
 She played with them for much longer than I thought she would.  She organized them in different ways and made up games to play.
Evelyn joined in.  The girls wanted to pick one to keep.  Audrey understood why they couldn't.  Evelyn not so much

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Blankie is so important to Evey that it deserves its own post.  Evey ended up snuggling with the big knit blanket on the couch when she was a baby.  Obviously, I couldn't lug that giant one around.  Luckily, Tita Angela knows how to knit/crochet (they are the same thing to me) enough to make a little portable one for her.
 Over 2 years later and we still can't leave home without them.  Carter and Audrey both had their blankies but Evelyn is the most attached.
 The only problem is that when blankie is in her hand thumb in her mouth.  We keep telling her when she is three, no more blankie no more thumbie.  It's not going to be pretty.
 This is exactly how she cuddles with it.  Blankie pressed under her nose with thumb in her mouth
 Blankie is the one thing she isn't willing to share.  Occasionally, she'll offer it to Sasha. 
 passed out at the pool
The only other blankie that will do is "big blankie"  It's the blanket that has her name knit into it.  This one stays at home in her bed.  Sometimes she sneaks it downstairs.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Summer is here!

 Summer means big brother and big sister are home to play and read with.
 Summer is the time to ditch the training wheels.  We had been trying to get Audrey to ride on 2 wheels all spring.  She is stubborn and wanted nothing to do with it.  Tita Angela to the rescue!  In just 2 days of having Tita Angela here Audrey was riding on her own WITHOUT training wheels!
 The kids favorite part of summer is the pool opening.  Check out this diva!
And this cutie!
Who is also silly and hides from the camera
 We ate on the terrace a lot this summer.
 Carter and Audrey did a lot of activities this summer.  That meant short breaks for lunch. This is from one of those lunch breaks.
Evelyn loves having them home in summer.  
 All the run around is also exhausting.  It's not very often I have 2 kiddos passed out anymore.
 Summer is when Sasha is always found on top of an air vent
Poor baby hates the heat