Wednesday, December 14, 2016


This summer we finally got together at the beach with our Birmingham friends.  We had 8 adults and 12 kids 10 and under in one house!  It was a blast!
 Everyone was happy to be together and the kids jumped right back in to playing with each other.
 Audrey staying dry on the sand and trying not to get too dirty as usual
 2 of the thirds playing together
 chasing waves
Our house was walking distance to Blue Mountain Creamery.  It was a the perfect way to cool off at the end of the day.
 Our crew took up the whole side of the place
 Loved seeing these kiddos reunite.
 Audrey and Brooklyn formed a bond quickly 
 The backyard had a pool that provided us with daily entertainment

 This was the afternoon view 
 Our second day there it stormed in the morning.  By the afternoon it cleared up and the kids wanted to check out the big waves.
 All 12 kiddos watching the waves
It wasn't long before they were getting wet in the water.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


 We started out June with the girl's dance recital.
 Audrey has a great group of girls in her class.  They all get along so well.
 It's been fun watching her dances evolve over the years.
She was front and center this year.
This was Evelyn's first recital.  Thank goodness for rehearsal.  She was very shy and didn't do as well.
Too bad I couldn't take pictures the day of the recital.  She did so much better!  I was so proud of her.
She loves her monkey costume
 Showing me her tail
 Again, the recital was so much better than rehearsal
 Evelyn posed herself in this picture 
The beads were a big hit with keeping the girls entertained backstage 
Audrey's class gets easier every year.
recital selfie with my tiny dancers

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Last day for E

The week after Carter and Audrey were done with school, Evelyn finally got to have her last day.
 We took the kiddos out for lunch after school.  These kiddos had such a blast sitting at their own table.
 That night they got to sing songs with Mr. Schultz at the graduation ceremony.
 Evelyn adores music time with Mr. Schultz.
They were adorable 
 and did a great job as always.
 The reward for having to sit through one of Evelyn's programs is having the treats afterwards.
 This year they even had a photo booth.  Love these kiddos so much!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Last day of school

The end of May brought the kiddos last day of school.  Thank goodness for no snow days this year to make up!
 Last day of 4th grade.
 Last day of 1st grade.
 Audrey had a little graduation ceremony.
 She received an AR ribbon.
 Her class
 She absolutely loved her teacher!  We fell in love with her when Carter had her the year we moved here.  We were thrilled Audrey got to be in her class!
Back home to bake a last day of school snack with the mini.  She likes when I leave the light on so she can check on the progress.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Family twilight

 The Club is creating more activities for families.  They started having family twilight golf a couple times each summer.  They make it real fun for the kids.  Bounce house, snow cones, cotton candy and prizes are part of the evening festivities.
We had the boys ride together
 And the girls
 It was a hot but beautiful evening
 They created family tees on the front 9 so the kids don't get frustrated playing from the women's tees.
Those family tees were great for the kiddos and made for a fun evening out as a family.