Monday, June 29, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge

 We took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells for a couple days before Easter.  Evelyn went down the little slides but didn't love it as much as last time.
 She was tall enough to ride with Chuck or I.  Being the Daddy's girl that she is, she chose him.  She liked it until the water splashed her eyes at the bottom.  Every time we asked her to ride again she would say, "No.  A splash eyes"
 Audrey was tall enough to ride by herself but she took turns riding with Chuck and I.  She didn't like it when I tried to take a picture of her while we were going down the slide.  She said I needed to hold on with both hands.
 Also a Daddy's girl
 This was Evelyn's favorite spot.  And I think it's the only time all 3 of them were in one place at the same time.
 No visit is complete with out unlimited Icee!
 Carter enjoyed having the freedom to do all the slides on his own.  He liked to race dad on some of them.
 Tita Angela joined us for a day!
 The only family picture we took.
 The kids had to take turns riding with Tita Angela
Um, future swim suit model?!?
No trip to the Dells is complete without stopping at the Sweet Hut.  Check out these cute monkey chocolate dipped oreos.  The perfect treat for my 3 monkeys.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Easter festivities

 Evelyn got to enjoy some Easter festivities with her buddies from school.  First we got to dye eggs at Sienna's house.  The kids really got into it.  We should've hard boiled more.
 She loved that we put glitter in some of the colors.
 Then, her friend Brendan had us over for an Easter egg hunt.  We tried to get a picture of all 4 of them before sending them outside.
 As you can see, they were not amused we expected them to sit still and smile for a picture when there were eggs outside waiting to be collected.
Kelly (Brendan's mom) was so organized. She color coded the egg hunt.  Evelyn was assigned the purple eggs.
 The kids did such a good job only collecting the color they were given. 
 She loved this tractor.  She kept putting her eggs in there and dumping them out.
 It wasn't too long until they were digging in and opening all their eggs to find a variety of goodies inside.
 Jello jigglers with Easter shaped cookie cutters
Evelyn liked cutting the shapes out but didn't care for the jello. The other kids devoured the jello.
The four kiddos enjoying their snack at the table.  It was such a fun play date.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Our Diva turns 6!

 Our beautiful diva is 6!
She requested a My Little Pony DQ cake.  
 We celebrated a day early because we were having some friends over for dinner on her birthday.
 Just part of her loot.
The next night we had our friends the Barlows and the Knepps over for a cook out.  It was fun to have them all here and the kids played so well together.
The kids had fun with build your own sundaes for dessert.  I forgot to get a picture of the adults. Oh well, next time.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

more kiwi crate

 Each monthly Kiwi Crate comes with 2 crafts.  This was the second craft to the aprons and chef hats I had posted a picture of.
 They pieced together sponge wedges and glued them together with frosting.  They got 2 colors of frosting in pastry bags.
 There were cardboard candles, fruit and other decorations to put on top.
 We love Kiwi Crate!
 Evelyn never misses an opportunity to steal game time on Audrey's Kindle.
 The beautiful sunrise from Carter's bedroom window
Evelyn happy to model the tutu Grandma & Grandpa sent.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Car out peeeese

 Mid March the snow was finally gone and it was starting to warm up.  As soon as the snow started to melt Evelyn wanted to get her car back out of the garage.  She kept asking, "Car out peeeeese!"  She was one happy girl when she finally got the ok to drive.
 It's even better when Carter and Audrey get home to ride with her.
 She's good about giving them a turn to drive.
 After dinner we went for a walk around the neighborhood.  Chuck, Sasha and I are the only ones that actually walked.  Carter rode his bike and the girls took the car for a spin.  We weren't sure if it had a chance to charge long enough to make it around but thankfully it did.
The start of spring was a great time to get free ice cream cones at DQ.  Dairy Queen gave out free cones to celebrate their 75th birthday.
 The mini miss holding Sasha's head up for the picture.  Are you tired of Evelyn and Sasha pics yet?
 Every once in a while I'll see pictures of the kiddos at school.  This one is obviously from St. Patrick's Day.
Carter in his classroom during silent reading time.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Birthday weekend

Tita Angela, Uncle Brett and Grandma Debbie came to visit the first weekend in March.  Carter had belt testing Saturday morning.  They all have gotten to see him test before but it was the first time they saw him break a board.
 Lunch time shenanigans
 The kids chose to eat at their favorite spot, Sugar
 With Grandma Debbie
 It was also Uncle Brett and Grandma Debbie's birthdays.  Angela brought these cute DIY birthday hats.
 You make the tissue paper tassel for the top and then you decorate them with chalk markers.
 We all had fun making one

 We celebrated with the best of both worlds.  A DQ ice cream cake for Uncle Brett.  Yes, Stitch is his favorite Disney character, just like Carter.  We got a cupcake platter from The Chef and The Baker for Grandma Debbie.  Yum!

 Audrey got some early birthday presents from Grandma Debbie.  
 A fun round of Disney Head bandz
 I love the Mickey ears!
The sweetest part was seeing this come home in Audrey's school folder Monday. :)