Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

The Grahams hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year & there was a great turn out. I think there were about 20 adults and 5 kiddos. Needless to say that equaled a ton of delicious food. Chuck was post-call so we were thankful he was able to be there with us.
As soon as we got there Carter knew where to find Noah. The two of them camped out on this chair watching Cars until it was time to eat.
I managed to get a shot of all 5 munchkins
We brought our little table so the kids could all sit together. Brooklyn was behind them in the bouncer. Maybe next year we'll have find room for her at the table. Laura covered the table with paper and put together a cup of fun filled with crayons, stickers and toys for each kid. It was so cute and kept them entertained so the adults could eat with minimal interruptions.
After dinner Lee and Audrey were ready to dance. Their moves were hilarious! I should have taken a video of it.

Thanks Graham family for a wonder time.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

From my little indian

Busy weekend

Last Saturday Chuck was on-call but the kids & I kept busy. That morning we met up with the Cherrys at the zoo. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures. Nonetheless, the kids & I had a great time. The weather was perfect and we got a VIP train ride to the new Trails of Africa.
We were home long enough to let Audrey nap a little. Then it was off to Laura Graham's baby sprinkle at the park.
The kids had so much fun running around the park while the mommies watched Laura open all the cute girlie gifts for baby girl Graham.
Sunday we went to brunch at Dr. Muensterer's home. We enjoyed delicious food, good company and the beautiful weather. Audrey kept making Daddy swing with her.
Audrey did a good job keeping up with the big boys. They ran around and played with the rocks nonstop.
By the time we left Karl and Carter were best buds

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Poor Sasha

As if Sasha doesn't put up with enough having to live with the munchkins, I thought it would be fun to get a picture of the kids with Sasha in her Santa hat for the Christmas card. Sasha pouts with her hat on so it was a great way to get her to sit still. Well it didn't work out as well as I hoped.
Sasha sat still and pouted just as expected but Audrey didn't cooperate. For some reason Audrey didn't like Sasha wearing the hat. To the point that she was leaning away from her and almost looked scared. Oh well it was worth a shot.
Poor Sasha hates wearing the hat but I think it's cute

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Grandpa & Grandma visit

Grandpa & Grandma came down for a quick visit last weekend. Our new furnace was acting up and Chuck needed Grandpa's help to fix it ourselves. It was a quick visit but the kids still had a great time as always.
Putting together the big Mater floor puzzle with Grandma. Audrey kept wanting to be a part of it but just kept getting into trouble instead of helping.
They thought it was so much fun bouncing on Grandpa's legs
Sitting with the Christmas decorations outside Bass Pro Shop. We went there to check out the boats for Grandpa & Grandma's new house in TN. Carter also picked out a fishing pole. I think he ended up deciding on a Star Wars one.
I know it's early to be seeing Santa. But he was already there and the line was super short. We only had to wait a few minutes.
Carter enjoyed the wonderful weather this last weekend. He said it was a "beautiful day with the sun shining and the air is fresh" :) Gotta love 'em

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I LOVE! Every year I create a wall calendar using pictures of the kids for ourselves and my in-laws. We get so many compliments on it and I love looking at the pictures every day. I've used other sites in the past but none of them compare to the quality of shutterfly. They have the best design selection and variety plus the print quality has been by far the best. This year I'm not only making the calendars with them but ordering our Christmas card through shutterfly. This is the design I think I'm going to use.I love that I can use multiple photos like I always do :) I always like a design that I can put a family picture and individual pictures of the munchkins on. Shutterfly has a large selection of multiple photo layouts. Maybe this year Sasha won't get left out of the card like last year.
To see their other fabulous card designs click here

For all their other photo card options

Those of you with a blog... You too can blog about shutterfly and get 50 of your holiday cards FREE! :) Here's how

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

scrub caps

Since Chuck is never home to model the Packer scrub caps I've made him, I had Carter do the modeling. I've made him four already and still have more Packer fabric to use up. It's nice I've been able to make a bunch since he wears them every day.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Chili night

The cool fall weather is officially here. The Grahams had us over along with the Grimms, Spanns and Martins for chili. We all brought something which made for a ton of food and great company to enjoy. The kids had a great time running laps around the house and playing. It gave us a preview of what we're in for Thanksgiving.
Four of the five kiddos getting in to the toys
The chair was the place to be if you wanted to watch Cars
The tent was also brought out and entertained the kiddos for some time

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or treat!!

Happy Halloween!
It's no surprise Carter wanted to be Iron Man this year. It worked out great since we already have everything he needed. He even wore Iron man underwear and socks. Audrey wore the fairy costume Tita Amy bought her way back when she was born.
Getting a picture of the two of them before heading out.
Carter wanted a picture of his repulsor blast
Carter had a blast again trick or treating. He loved that he got a ton of compliments on his costume too. Audrey wasn't quite sure what to think of it yet. I think she'll enjoy it a lot more next year.
Taking a break on the curb. They didn't sit there long before they were off and running again.

Grandpa visit

Grandpa came for a quick visit this weekend. The kids always love having the extra attention and it helped pass the time at the end of a q2 call week.
Carter had to try on Grandpa's boots
They always enjoy story time with Grandpa.
Audrey took a turn trying on Grandpa's boots. She thought it was so funny to try and walk in them. Excuse the crazy hair. She pulled her bow and ponytail out.
Saturday Chuck was post call so we went to dinner all together at Red Robin. When we got home Carter wanted a fire to roast marshmallows.
Grandpa had to leave Sunday afternoon. Before he left Carter got him to play Just Dance (was quite entertaining!) and watched the first half of the Packer game. We were glad he could come and visit. Hopefully, the next visit will be sooner rather than later :)