Monday, July 25, 2016

Cancun Part 2

The resort not only had adult bath robes and slippers, they had them for the kids as well.  They looked so cute!
relaxing after a full day in the sun
This guy
 How can you not love this view!?
Pure joy
 I can't handle how old this picture makes her look!
 This girl lived off of chips, guacamole and virgin miami vices.
 Simple pleasures in life.  The kids loved the foot washing pool and shower in the middle of the stairs on the way up from the beach.
 They flipped for hours
 More flying Evey
 Carter and Audrey made some friends and played mini golf with them.
 Sunset family pic outside one of the restaurants

 We can't get through pictures without goofy faces
 At the end of the week none of us were ready to go home. They were asking to go back before we even made it all the way home.  I think this winter break is going to turn into an annual trip.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Cancun part 1

We decided to take a break from winter this year and headed down to Cancun for a week mid February. 
4am wake up call to get to the airport=plugged in kids while waiting to board
We were delayed in Chicago after we got on the plane.  The pilot passed the time by letting the kids sit in the cockpit.
 We made it to Cancun!  The kids were excited to have their own room with bunk beds and towel animals.
 Audrey and Carter showing Evelyn the slides are fun
 Evelyn was a fan of the pirate ship area
 She's happier on the beach
 My 2 beach bums
 They always play so well together at the beach
 I know I say it all the time. The beach is our family happy place.
 There were 2 large water slides that the kids loved.  I can't even count how many times they went down them by the end of the week.
 The kids camp staff led games for the kids.
 Evelyn was thrilled to find Mickey Mouse pancakes at breakfast.  They even had chocolate sauce for dipping.  Breakfast of champions
 Diva 1 & Diva 2
 Love my kiddos!
 Photography by the kiddos.  Carter tried to photo bomb everyone else's picture
 Flying Evey
 Divas take 2
 At this point of the trip they were already asking to come back again.
 Having fun with the water proof camera

Monday, July 18, 2016

wrapping up January

 Evelyn went through a phase of passing out on Audrey after school.
 We took the kids to see the Dunlap High School's production of Mary Poppins.  It was an impressive show the whole family enjoyed!
 The kids had a super visit to the dentist.  They have so much fun at Kids First Dental!  This visit was complete with a photo shoot.  The kids were dressed like Batman and Super Girl for super hero day at school.  The staff loved it and couldn't resist having some fun with it.
 A cavity free visit = ice cream on the way home
 Audrey's class had a ton of Supergirls for superhero day
 We had a couple of days that were nice and mild.  The kids were out playing with just their fleeces on.  I had to take a picture of all their wheeled toys out of the garage in January!
 Evelyn is enjoying all of Audrey's old tutus.
She is also excited for our upcoming trip to Mexico.  She has herself and bitty baby ready to go!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fun with the Gilles'

 Mid-January we met up with my dear friend Hillary and her kiddos in Madison.  Madison is an equal distance for us to travel. Carter and Gabe are the same age and Audrey and Claire are just a year apart.  These kiddos really enjoy their time together.
 2 divas
 All 5 kiddos
 Carter giving Audrey a piggy back ride
 Under water Gabe
 The boys
 All 5 kiddos.  Even the big kids had fun in this "little kid" area
 The 3 girls
 Evelyn had a lot of fun even though she didn't have a buddy her age to play with.
 Posing, again
 Claire and Audrey were sweet and made sure to play with Evelyn
Claire had an instant shadow when she got all of her American Girl stuff out.
The girls thinking they are big time with their root beers.  Cheers to a fun weekend with friends!