Thursday, June 26, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

 I'm back tracking to before Audrey's birthday.  I forgot I had these pictures on another memory card.  Anyway, we went up to the Dells and spent a couple of days at Great Wolf Lodge.
 The kids always have a great time here
 Evelyn was at a fun age for it too.
 Audrey is tall enough to go on some of the bigger slides with an adult.  She loved riding with Daddy.

 Carter climbing up to more slides
 Evelyn LOVED the little slides!  Chuck would carry her up and set her down and I would catch her.  As soon as I caught her she would call for Daddy and say more!  
 Carter going across the lily pads
 This was one of his favorite slides.  There was another one next to it and he would race Chuck down.
 Audrey finally wanted me to go down the slide with her.
 All three needed an ICEE
 When we go to the Dells we usually eat at Buffalo Phil's one night
 We have to go early to beat the crowds and not have to wait an hour
 And most importantly to get a train table!  The kids are so entertained by getting our food and drinks delivered by a train
 Evelyn only wanted to hold hands with Carter and Audrey
 Carter and Audrey had to try the chocolate covered bacon from the Sweet Hut at Kalahari.  Our bacon monster Audrey didn't like it.  Don't mess with her bacon.

 Audrey was just tall enough for this slide.  Chuck, Carter and Audrey raced each other down a couple of times.  She liked this one the best.
Sisterly shenanigans on the way home

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Audrey turns 5!

 Audrey picked out a s'more donut and bacon for her birthday breakfast. 
 We let her open some presents before having cake.
 She had been wanting a Jasmine barbie and doll.  She was thrilled to get them
She requested a pink strawberry cake.  I had them decorate it with ballet slippers since she is having a ballet party with her friends.
 So excited to finally be five!  She asked if she got to go to Kindergarten the next day now that she's five.

 Digging into the cake and ice cream
 So happy to get another American Girl dress and headband for her and her baby.  Thank you Great Grandma Aprahamian
A jewelry box from mom and dad.  Now that she can change out her earrings she needs a place to store all of them.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

birthday mani/pedi

 I treated Audrey to a manicure and pedicure on her birthday.  We got an awesome nail tech that really made her feel special.
 She put flowers and polka dots on her toes
Audrey sat so nice and still.
 She painted hearts on Audrey's ring fingers
The finished product
 Her pretty toes!
 She kept posing to show off her nails :)  She already asked when we can do it again.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Riverfront museum

 We joined the Riverfront Museum and spent the afternoon there.  It was small and unimpressive but that seems to be the trend here in Peoria.
 The kids had fun exploring the exhibits.

 They had an area about the Illinois river.  The kids always love seeing fish.
There was also a small water play area.

Monday, June 16, 2014

few randoms

 I hate having to get Carter up so early in the morning for school but the up side is the beautiful view of the sunrise out his window.
 Carter and Audrey were sitting on the couch playing on their kindles.  Evelyn wedged herself in between them and it was so cute.
 Another pic of Evelyn and her best bud
Trying to get out of her highchair

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


 Audrey always asks me when Evelyn can start going to ballerina school.  She put her old costume on her and told me since it fits maybe she's big enough now :)
 I'm not sure what's going on with this look
 They were so cute dancing around Audrey's room.
 Something outside caught their attention but I don't remember what.
Evey didn't want to take the costume off