Saturday, April 26, 2014

Valentine photo session

 The first weekend in February I had the kids pictures taken for the Valentine's Day card.
 Carter and Audrey hammed it up as usual but Evelyn was not having it.

 She warmed up at the very end and we were able to only get a few of her

 She gave Carter some kisses.  So sweet!
We came home and the kids had a potty party.  Evelyn likes to sit on her potty whenever someone else is in the bathroom.  Carter sat there too.  He said it was to help keep Evelyn sitting.  The crazy thing is that she actually went!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


The kids certainly got their fill of sledding this year!
 Evelyn's sled didn't glide very well.  It was a two person job to move her around.
 She still enjoyed the ride and the kids laughed at how much work it took.
 They eventually gave up but Evey didn't want to get out.
 They left her sitting to do some sledding of their own
 The next day they were at it again.  Audrey thought she was pretty funny sitting in Evelyn's sled
 Evelyn loves going down the big hill.
 Throwing snow balls for Sasha
Worn out baby
 Evelyn didn't mind the cold and always put up a fight to come inside.
She even tried to help with the shoveling

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Parties and play dates

 Audrey's friend Brea had a swimming birthday party.  I think it was one of her favorite ones because she still talks about it.
 We had one of her best friends Alaina over for a play date.  These two ar crazy together
 Evelyn holds her own with them.
 Alaina and Audrey being princesses at Jack's birthday party
 A princess with a mustache
Audrey and her other bestie Piper on pajama day at school.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Around the house

 The extreme temperatures kept us in this winter.  The kids have always been good about finding ways to entertain themselves.
Evelyn is occupied by her princess castle Santa brought her
 Catching a goofy moment.  They thought they were pretty funny riding the train together.
 Chocolate milk is a treat for this mini miss.  That cup was her treasure for the day.
 I went to check on the kids in the basement and found them on their kindles in the bunk beds for Audrey's baby dolls.  Doesn't look comfortable to me but they we content.
 Our snow baby.  The only one that was able to tolerate the frigid temps
 There's nothing like the bond between sisters and it's so fun to watch it develop in these two
 The bounce house has been a life saver this winter!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cold days

 The kids stayed home on what was supposed to be their first day back after winter break.  They had a snow day not because of snow but because it was too cold!  After having them home for 2 weeks already we had to get creative with our day.
 We made a big bowl of snow ice cream.  The kids gobbled it up!
 You know it's cold out when Sasha gets on the couch!
 I blew bubbles and the kids watched them freeze
 I think I enjoyed this one as much as the kids
 I had friends that tried it and had problems with the bubbles popping before they froze.  I used our touchable bubbles and it worked great!
 I also did the throwing boiling water trick but didn't get pictures.  It was pretty crazy that it was cold enough for it to work.
 What passes time better than baking cookies? :)
They took turns measuring and mixing

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Christmas outfits

 Here are my 3 munchkins in their Christmas outfits
 I must say they are pretty darn cute :)
 I love their silly moments
Although, once they get silly Evelyn doesn't stop

more Christmas

 We went up to Sheboygan the day after Christmas so the kids could open presents with Grandma Debbie, Mike, Tita Angela & Uncle Brett.  For whatever reason I did a terrible job taking pictures but here are the few I got.
Carter playing with his new Jenga Boom
 Arctic force snowball blaster 
 Mike did some plowing and asked Carter to be his wing man
 Carter enjoyed the ride
 Evelyn was entertained by all the puppies.  She's our animal lover!
 Giving Sasha her fancy treat from Belle and Jax
When we got home Carter's hex bug arena arrived from Tita Amy