Wednesday, October 30, 2013

soccer season

 Soccer season started the end of August.  We kept Carter in a low key league for this year.  We want him to enjoy and learn the game before getting him into a competitive league.
 They had a few practices before their games started.
 The cutest cheerleader on the sideline.
 We really saw an improvement in Carter since last year.  He was more aggressive and stayed in tune with the game better this year.  He even had a break away and almost scored a goal! 
 It was impressive to see Carter go after the ball like he did since he was so much smaller than most of the kids on the field. :)
He liked throwing the ball in.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

1 year photos

We had Evelyn's 1 year pictures taken over Labor Day.  Here are the sneak peak pictures our photographer posted to Facebook.  Enjoy! 

She always captures good shots of our kiddos.  I'll post more once we get the images we purchased.

few more randoms

 The last weekend of August was our last time at the pool
 My cute little fishies
 Audrey needed a picture of Chuck for a dad project at school.  It turned out cute so I had to share it.
Evelyn was so funny with this.  She had to have it on her head and would get mad if Audrey would take it off.

random pics

Evelyn feeding her snack to Sasha one piece at a time.  Sasha knows she's not supposed to take food from the kids but when it's put right in her mouth for her how can she resist?  This is what makes putting up with Evelyn worth it.
 Evelyn loves it when Carter and Audrey push her really fast on her train.  They all just laugh and giggle and it's so cute!
 Audrey got a hold of the camera and took some pictures.  Most of them weren't really of anything but this one wasn't too bad.  It's a little blurry but she did pretty good.  Plus, I don't make it into picture very often so I have to keep it.
 Then she said it's her turn for pictures and started posing.  She held each pose until I took her picture.
 Then I had to she her the picture on the camera to she her I really did take it :)  These are just a few
Being a sweet big sister

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pre K

 At the end of August Audrey finally had her first day of school.  Carter had already been back for over a week so she was anxious to get back.  When I told her it was time to get ready for her first day she exclaimed, "FINALLY!"
 She was more than happy to pose for her pictures.
She had to get a picture with her best friend Alaina

a few random pics

 Evelyn got mac and cheese all over her face and hair.  Turns out it makes great hair gel.  She sported this mohawk until I got her in the tub.
 I thought it was funny that all 3 kiddos were on a laptop at the same time.  
 Evelyn continues to give Sasha hugs and kisses even though Sasha really can do without.  Sasha will get up and move when she's had enough.
 Evelyn's legs are long enough now for her to scoot her car and train.  She makes car noises as she moves along.
All three kiddos loved using the tray as a place to prop their feet up.  Evelyn does it every time she's in her chair.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Evelyn turns 1!

 Our Mini Miss is 1!  It's hard to believe that it's been a year already.  She has quite the personality and we love her to pieces.  She's such a trooper handling all the run around with Carter and Audrey's activities well.  She continues to sleep through the night and be our good eater.  She's a mama's girl but gets so excited when daddy comes home from work.  She loves her big brother and sister and misses them when they are at school.  Although, I like the one on one time with her.  She's attached to her blanky and we can't leave home without it.  She's trying to help me type right now so I'll wrap it up and get on with the pictures.
 The crown didn't last real long
Thanks Bunkelmans for the crown and wand :)
 She loved opening her presents.  She had no problem ripping all the paper off by herself.
 Checking out her new mailbox.  This seemed to be her favorite present.  She still loves to play with this one.
 Every 1 year old needs their own smash cake.  She was mesmerized by the candle.  Carter and Audrey helped her blow it out.
 She started out neat and slow.  Almost like she wasn't sure if she was really allowed to have it.
 Before long she was really getting into it!
 Fists full of chocolaty goodness 
 What?  Do I have something on my face?
 Once Evelyn started to slow down and fall into a cake coma Carter and Audrey got forks and helped her out.
Then they had to have ice cream cake too.  The kids have made ice cream cake the cake of choice for birthdays.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back to Ballet

Ballet & tap started up again the end of August.  Audrey was so excited to get back to "my studio" and to have her same teacher as last year Miss. Alexe.  I was also happy she gets to have the same teacher again.  She was great with the little ones.  Audrey loves dance and it's so fun to watch her learn more and more.  She dances around the house all the time and I even catch her reciting the correct terminology with her moves. 

Quick Milwaukee weekend

 Chuck participated in Uncle Mike's Brasky golf tournament this year.  We went up to Milwaukee Friday after Carter got home from school.  Grandma Debbie came down just for the afternoon and brought Evelyn's birthday presents along.  She loves ripping the paper.  Audrey was right there ready to help if needed.
 The kids always have fun on the swing set
 We went out to dinner before Grandma Debbie went home.
 More presents from Tita Angela and Uncle Brett
We drove through a Dunkin Donuts on the way home for coffee and the kids got munchkins.  While we were unloading the car Evelyn got into box of munchkins and was going to town on them.  I think Carter or Audrey carried them in and left them within reach.  This girl likes to eat!
What?  I'm not eating anything )

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Back to school

 School started mid August for Carter.  I wish that Illinois would get the memo that school doesn't start until AFTER Labor Day!  I was not ready for summer to be over and have the kids go back to school.
The night before Carter's first day his school hosted a back to school night.  It gave him a chance to meet his teacher and get his supplies set up in his spot.  He was so excited for school to start.  Yes, his teacher spelled his last name wrong on his name tag.  She was so embarrassed and made him a new one.  
 I have to take the backpack picture in front of the door pictures :)
He's looking so big!