Thursday, April 21, 2016

CCP Kid's Party

 The Sunday after Thanksgiving the Country Club has the Kid's Christmas Party.  I'm shocked we got a smile out of Evelyn since she is still afraid of Santa.
 Petting the reindeer
They still get a kick out of seeing the real reindeer
Carter is always the first to visit the dessert table
 The kids second favorite activity-decorating the giant gingerbread house


 Putting together Christmas crafts
 Frosting gingerbread men

 My goofballs

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Carter's first Packer game!

 Uncle Brett got tickets for the Thanksgiving game this year.  Not only was it Carter's first game, it was also the game they retired Favre's jersey at half time (or something like that).
 Carter was so excited and felt big time to be one of the guys.  I just wish the weather would have cooperated.
 Carter still had a blast.  He told Chuck, "This is way better than watching it on TV!"  He already can't wait for his next game.
The girls and I stayed warm and dry and watched the game with Great Grandma.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mother/Daughter Tea

 The weekend before Thanksgiving the girls and I went to the Festival of Trees Mother/Daughter Tea.  It was a Whoville themed tea.  The girls started the afternoon out with Cindy Lu makeovers.  Evelyn was being really shy and had to sit on my lap to get anything done to her hair.
Audrey never hesitates when there's an opportunity for a make over.
 My 2 Cindy Lou Whos
 We went with Evelyn's friend Matilda who also got her hair done.  They liked this peacock tree the best.
The girls had to get their picture in front of the Packer tree.  They wanted me to bid on it but it was already sold.
The tea was cute.  We were served sandwiches, scones and fruit.  There was coffee and hot cider for the "tea."
After lunch they had different activities.  They made Grinch ornaments.
 They had to complete a scavenger hunt that made us search all the trees on display.
There was a Sweet Cece's bar set up for dessert
 They took a group picture of all the girls that got their hair done.
 They also took mother/daughter pictures.
They ended the event with a dance performance and a raffle.  It was a really cute event.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

first snow

 The weekend before Thanksgiving brought our first snow fall.
I was not ready for it but the kids were excited to play in it.

 Snow angels in the driveway

 Our kiddo that loves the snow the most