Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Audrey's 1 & Carter's 4, well almost

Our baby girl is one! It's hard to believe that a year has gone by already. She now weighs 18 lbs 11 oz (12th percentile) but is tall at 30 1/4 in (85th percentile) Two of her molars are through and she's working on two more. She loves to play with her big brother and his toys. Yes, she's walking! Other things she's into are; dancing, harassing Sasha, babbling, says mama, dada, ba-bye, uh-oh, flipping light switches off, climbing on anything and everything, imitates everything Carter does, obsessed with driving the 4-wheeler, signs: more, eat, milk, all done, I think you get the idea.
Since we were going to celebrate Audrey and Carter's birthday with Grandma Debbie and Tita Angela here we decided to invite some people over for lunch and cake. We took a family pic before the party.
Audrey's cute and delicious strawberry cake
Audrey had her own little smash cake with a 1 on it. We stripped her down to just her diaper and bib. She wasn't too sure about it at first and was real neat taking tiny bites. I don't have a picture of her in her cute dress with her cake but Angela does. I might have to post more pictures when I get them from her.
She ended up doing a good job with it
Carter is almost four! He picked out a spiderman cake again this year. This time it was a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Yumm!! I found a spiderman candle and he wore a spiderman ribbon that said, birthday hero on it. He liked all the extra attention this year with so many people singing to him. My little boy is getting so big!

Grandma Debbie & Tita Angela visit

Grandma Debbie and Tita Angela came last week Wed. (the reason why I've been bad about blogging lately) Grandma Debbie had to go back Sun. but Tita Angela stayed until Tue. As always we had a lot of fun and it went by too quickly.
Posing on the bridge at the botanical gardens
Carter dyed Easter eggs with Tita Angela
Grandma Debbie reading the book that Great Grandma & Grandpa Aprahamian sent
Tita Angela's last day here we ate lunch at the park. It was beautiful out and we had the whole park to ourselves.
Audrey trying to walk on the woodchips


Carter enjoys practicing his letters and drawing pictures. The other day he drew this picture of me and wrote mom above it all on his own. I'm so proud :)
We went to Dairy Queen to order Carter's b-day cake. While we were there he had his first dilly bar. He loved it!

Dinner Fun

Audrey enjoying and sharing her spaghetti and meatball dinner.
What? Do I have something on my face? I think it's obvious that she went straight to the tub after this dinner.
Carter had to join in the fun and made a mustache with his bread. He said, "Look at me mom! I have a mustache like Grandpa."

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring fever

After such a strange winter we are ready for spring. The last couple of weeks it's either been raining or cold. There have been a few warm days mixed in giving us a tease. It is now starting to consistently warm up and there are signs of spring.
Carter showing me the daffodils he picked. He never leaves a flower unpicked.
Audrey checking the daffodils out

Our camellia is also in bloom
It's already spring break down here next week. That's usually the start of our nice weather. Here's hoping!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love my munchkins!

It's been so much fun lately to watch Carter and Audrey play together. There isn't anything they don't do together. It cracks me up to watch them feed off of each other and see who can act the silliest. Here are a couple of pictures of my little munchkins goofing around the house.
Audrey loves the work bench. Her favorite tool in the circular saw. They worked at the bench for a long time together. I didn't have to referee once :)

Whenever the two of them make it over to our bedroom they always head straight for daddy's closet. They love hiding and wrestling in the clothes.
Carter doesn't like to swing. He never did. Not even as a baby. He does like to push his sister in the swing and see how high he can make her go. Audrey just giggles.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dinner @ McAuliffe's

Last weekend the McAuliffe's had us over for dinner. They are in their first year of general surgery residency. We hung out in their awesome backyard while John grilled. The kids hit it off right away and worked up an appetite playing.
Audrey taking Charlotte (7 mos) for a ride. They were both intrigued by one another.
Audrey making sure she gets her daily serving of leafy greens
The boys ran around like crazy until it was time to eat. They didn't stand still until they decided to empty out the bird feeder. I don't think they left a single seed in there. Next year there will be sunflowers growing in this spot. :)
Carter & Tannis (2 1/2) pausing for a second to flash me a smile
We all had a great time enjoying the delicious food and good company.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Audrey is quite the little diva already. Not like that's new news to any of you. Well I think these sunglasses are the perfect accessory for little Miss Audrey. By the look on her face, I think she agrees.
Since Audrey had her sunglasses on Carter had to get his. Audrey didn't like him stealing the spotlight. Again, diva! Don't you love Carter's tough guy pose?