Wednesday, October 10, 2012

moving day again

Our house was done enough for us to move in.  We finally got to move in the last weekend of September.  Moving twice in 4 months was not fun but was worth the end result of a house that we built.  Here's a few pictures from the day.
 The morning of moving day Carter had a soccer game.  During the week I wasn't too thrilled that he had a game on moving day.  I was thinking of it as just one more thing to worry about/have to do that day.  It ended up being a great way for the kids to stay out of the way from the movers and out in the fresh air.  It was a beautiful day.  I took all the kids to the game and Chuck stayed behind with the movers.
 It was a good game and Carter scored a goal!  I missed getting a picture of it though :(  It happened so fast.

Carter's cheering section.
Grandma Debbie came down Thursday night and stayed through the weekend to help with the move.  She was a HUGE help and we wouldn't have been able to do it without her.  Thank you Mom!
 By the time we got back from Carter's game the movers were almost done loading the truck.  The wheels are as tall as the kids.  My mom and I ran and picked up lunch for everyone then it was off to the house.
It was so exciting to see the truck pull up to our house.  We were finally moving in!  The rest of the weekend was filled with unpacking boxes.  We forgot how much stuff we have since it's been 4 months since we've seen it all.
It's been a busy couple of weeks.  Unpacking has been slow going with all the kids activities and all the people that have been coming and going from the house to take care of things.  But our house is feeling more and more like a home the more we get unpacked.  It feels wonderful just to be in it. :)