Monday, March 31, 2014

Time to play

 After all the presents were open it was time to play with their new things.
 The bouncy house is such a hit!  All 3 love it!

 All that jumping wore this mini miss out.
 She spent the majority of the afternoon in her car
 Audrey and Carter pushed her around the basement.  Yes, the license plate says princess :)
 somersaults down the slide 
 Carter somersaulted off the side
 Trying out some of his spy gear
 Eventually, we got them to settle down with a new movie
 Nerf time.  Audrey is so happy to have girly nerf shooters and safety glasses
More veg out time on their kindles.  I don't know if Carter and Audrey ever got out of their pjs but who says you have to?
We had a wonderful Christmas!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Christmas Day

 I was hoping that since we stayed up late the night before the kiddos would sleep in a bit.  Instead, I woke up to Audrey telling me it's time to get up because Santa came!  They were so excited they could hardly sit still for a quick picture.
 Audrey finally got her Kindle Fire she'd been asking for nonstop
 Carter thrilled to have the Lego death star!!
 The only other item she kept asking for-a bouncy house!  A few weeks before Christmas I told her to stop jumping on the couch.  She replied, "Then Santa better hurry up and bring me a bouncy house!  I need to jump!"
Evelyn playing with her new piggy bank
 Carter got the spy gear he was wanting from Great Grandma Aprahamian
 The kids helped Sasha open her presents
 Evelyn got a baby Stella.  She loves giving her the paci
 Evelyn couldn't wait for Chuck to put her princess cozy coupe together
Thank you Great Grandma Aprahamian for the car!

Christmas Eve

Normally we let the kids open presents from everyone else on Christmas Eve.  This year friends of ours hosted an open house that we were at until late.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures!  I know!  That's not like me at all!
 All I have for Christmas Eve is our picture of the loot Santa left behind.  Sasha is the only child that got into the picture.  Now that Carter is getting older we are having to stay up later to make sure he's asleep before setting everything out.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Frosting cookies

 It was a busy holiday season.  Usually, we get cookies made and frosted earlier in the month but this year they didn't get done until the 23rd!  Just in time.  The kids were getting worried we wouldn't have any to leave for Santa.
 Carter always takes this job seriously ;)
 Their masterpieces coming together
 Carter finding a "broken" one that he just had to eat
 Almost done
Evelyn had to sit there with them but didn't do too much with the cookies.  I'm sure she'll be much more into it next year.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pizza night

 My kids love pizza!  What kid doesn't?  They love it when we have make your own pizza night.
Audrey is a pepperoni and black olive girl.  Yep, she loves black olives!  She used the whole can of them and it still wasn't enough.  Carter is a just pepperoni kid.
 Evelyn supervised from her chair while munching on pepperoni and cheese
Carter let Evelyn beat up on him while the pizzas baked

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Audrey's Christmas Program

 I signed up to make cookies for Audrey's school Christmas program.  I decided to make these reindeer cookies and Audrey was my big helper.  She was very proud of how they turned out.
 She was a cute little shepherd in the program

 The kids did a great job!
 They sang a couple of songs after the skit

 It wasn't in the program but the kids talked the teachers into letting them end the program with jingle bells

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Audrey's School Christmas Party

The moms that put together Audrey's class party did a fantastic job!  The kids had a blast.
 The kids were given their own little gingerbread house to decorate
  My cutie
 Snack time
 Goofing around with one of her besties Alaina
 Santa stopped by
 and handed out presents
 Class photo with Santa
The kids had an indoor snowball fight using marshmallows
 They loved it and thought it was hilarious!
Happy to be bringing home her masterpiece