Monday, August 29, 2016

Jr. Indoor Classic

The Club hosts an annual indoor carpet classic for the adults. It's an indoor putting course throughout the club house.  This year they decided to let the kids play it during Jr. sports sign up.  The course started in the basement in the banquet room.  They had to putt into the elevator and take it up to the third floor.  Putt out of the elevator to finish that hole.
 The next hole went down the stairs
 Other holes included putting under tables, etc.
 The final hole went down the long stair case back into the banquet room.  It was a fun activity.  Hopefully, they'll let the kids play again next year.  It seemed to be a hit.
 a few random pics
Audrey being a goof with the squigs
 The kids having fun after the Palm Sunday service
Carter at school.  I love seeing pics of the kiddos at school.  Sometimes it's the only way I find out what they did with their day.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Art Garage

Evelyn and her friend Matilda attended the open art at the Art Garage.
 It was a perfect week to go because the story was, I Love Dogs!
 After the story they got to paint a canvas with a dog drawn on.
 Creating her masterpiece
 They took it quite seriously and painted until we had to cut them off.
 The finished product

Saturday, August 20, 2016

UPC Easter program

 Evelyn and her friends ready for their Easter program.
 Group hug
 They walked in singing and waving palms.
 So cute ready to sing. 
 She was front and center
 and did a great job singing and doing the motions
 It was another wonderful program and all the kiddos were adorable as always.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Frolic with the Fairies

I took the girls to Frolic with the Fairies.  It's something I had wanted to take Audrey to before but it just hasn't worked out with our schedule the last couple of years.  They did a great job on this fun backdrop for pictures.
 We went with one of Audrey's friends from ballet.
 They had the room nicely decorated with cute place settings.  They had a typo and put the wrong name for Audrey.

 Audrey pays attention to detail and approved of the pretty table decor.
 The tea cups were filled with donut holes.  Evelyn was being shy and grumpy so Audrey was the only one willing to pose for pictures.
 With my beautiful fairies.
 They got their faces painted.
 Audrey and Sophie heading out to the dance floor.  Overall, the girls liked dressing up and going out for a girls day.  But, it isn't anything I feel is worth doing again any time soon.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Scholastic bowl

Enrichment Eagles have their scholastic bowls from March through the end of the school year.  Evelyn and I went to watch Carter and his team compete.
 It's impressive to watch the kids answer the challenging questions.
 Carter with one of his teammates from Banner.  Dunlap Grade and Banner team up for the scholastic bowls.
 While Carter was at enrichment, Audrey was learning about first aid from the Dunlap fire department with her girl scout troop.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

carnival and birthday party

 Carter and Audrey's school had their annual carnival fundraiser. The kids always have to make a stop at the balloon guy.
 Audrey never turns down an opportunity to get her face painted
 Carter doesn't normally get his painted.  This year there was an incentive.  The kids were given a card with all the different activities to do.  If they completed all of them their card went into a drawing for a prize. That is the only reason why Carter ended up getting his face painted.
 Fairy princess Audrey
 The next day, Evelyn had a birthday party for her friend Brendan.  Not only did they get cake.  They also got to decorate cookies.
 This is such a great group of kiddos!
 It was a beautiful day so they played outside a lot!
 This was her first drop off party.  Kelly did an awesome job taking pictures and sharing them with us.
 Love these kiddos!
 They all play so well together.
 Tackling Brendan's dad
 Happy birthday, Brendan!
 Since it was so nice outside we took Carter and Audrey to the driving range while Evelyn partied,  They were ready to veg and cuddle with Sasha when we got home.
Partied out and balancing on the edge of the couch

Sunday, August 7, 2016

wrapping up Feb.

 I don't even remember what they were doing but I love this sisterly moment.
 3 year old Evelyn wearing her size 9 month Snow White costume.
 After being home from Mexico for a couple of days, I got back on a plane to travel to Virginia.  I love my time with these cousins.  I just hope next time is for a happy occasion.
I was supposed to be a guest reader for Audrey's class while I was in Virginia.  Thanks to Grandma for filling in for me.  Audrey picked the book, The Book with No Pictures and didn't let Grandma read it before coming to her class.  Ha!
Sasha's turned 11!  The kids once again put candles in her frosty paw and sang to her.
 Evelyn insists on holding the cup
 Sasha's always a good sport
 Girl Scout cookie time at the Dunlap High School basketball game.
 We got a few days of spring like weather
Little Diva supervising Carter and Audrey.