Thursday, June 23, 2011

coming together

Audrey's room is really coming together.
I finished the pictures for over her bed. A tutu, toe shoes & crown. I'm thinking about white washing the frames to contrast against the headboard but Chuck thinks I should just leave them. I leave them for a while & see if I change my mind.
The rug came in and I love it! The kids like jumping from flower to flower. For the picture Audrey had to sit on the pink one and Carter of course picked his favorite, orange.
My favorite find so far is this capiz mirror. I totally stumbled upon it and got it for a steal! I love that her room has a touch of Filipino flair :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

peace & quiet

The last couple of weeks have been crazy with Chuck taking over the service. I found myself needing a break and some quiet time while I made dinner.
I taped a bunch of paper together and traced the kids on it. They had a blast coloring and decorating them. They thought it was so neat that they were coloring themselves.
The kids were quiet and entertained until it was time to sit down for dinner. Now they won't let me throw them away.
I had to include a picture of Audrey and baby Stella in their matching summer dresses.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

crib go bye-bye

Well we did it! Last weekend we made the switch from nursery to big girl room. Audrey was so excited to see a big girl bed and immediately claimed it as "mine!" It's very bittersweet for me. That room has been a nursery for 5 years now. It's going to take some time to adjust seeing the crib and glider gone. The kids are growing up too fast. People warn you about it but you just don't realize how quickly it really does go by. Anyway, Audrey loves having a bed and we even find Carter reading in it.
Carter saw me bring the camera in the room and snuck into the picture. Little miss now has a full size bed all to herself. I love the comforter because it'll grow with her.
As soon as the bed was made Audrey decided it was time to jump on it. She sang no more monkeys jumping on the bed the whole time she jumped :)
She was most excited about the princess sheets. She didn't want me to put the comforter on because she didn't want them covered up. The kids are pretending to be asleep in this picture.
This is how she really fell asleep that night. How precious! Baby Stella slept on the other pillow. That night while we read books she kept telling me, "Crib go bye-bye. Big girl bed now."

There's still more work to be done. The rug didn't come in yet and I'm not done with the pictures for over the headboard. It's fun to see it all coming together though. Our baby girl is getting so big!

Monday, June 6, 2011


The pool finally opened full time Memorial day weekend. The kids were so excited to go and Chuck was even able to go with us Memorial day. Our gym really has the best kiddie pool. Some of our friends belong too so it's a great play date location. With the near 100 degree weather it's the only way to enjoy the outdoors.
Carter armed with a squirt gun and riding the alligator
He was protecting all of us from the bad guys
Audrey was excited to find a Dori toy
We grilled dinner Memorial day. The kids are always wanting to help with things. They did a really good job peeling the corn. They even picked up the mess and threw it away.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chuck's b-day

Chuck was post-call for his b-day. He was very tired but at least he was home with us. We went out to lunch then played outside in the hot weather.
The kids always love playing with bubbles when we're outside
It was so hot even Sasha had to get in the pool to stay cool. The kids would splash the water at her and she would try and catch it. It was so funny to watch.
The kids helped Daddy blow out his candles. I made him his usual lemon dessert he always has on his b-day.
Chuck ended up having a Packer themed b-day getting a lot of new gear. The kids had to try on his jersey.Thinking it's so silly

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Big kid changes

Audrey just keeps getting to be a big girl on us. She is now potty trained and has been dry and accident free for a week now! I don't have to check on her. She just goes on her own and even does great when we're out. When we're running errands she'll tell me when she needs to go and doesn't think anything of it to go on the big public toilets. As much as I fight her on it, she is also trying to get rid of her afternoon nap. But there are days that she really needs it and goes down no problem.
She is little miss independent and never wants help with anything. As a result she skinned her knees for the first time the other day. It was quite dramatic but thank goodness for princess band aides and their magical healing powers.
Carter has graduated from his bed rails. He is so proud of it too. :) It's a good thing because we are getting ready to put Audrey in a big girl bed and won't have to buy a second set. He's only fallen out of bed once but doesn't remember it. We check on him before going to bed and this is how we found him the other night. He looked so cute cuddling with Iron Man.