Monday, October 19, 2009

Who's birthday is it anyway?

Chuck was able to get off of work early the day before my birthday so we decided to celebrate then. Ever since Chuck told Carter my birthday was coming up Carter kept asking me if I want to share my birthday. More than happy to share my day with him we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. Carter gobbled up his lunch and had a blast playing all the games. Audrey was entertained by all the commotion & didn't sleep until we were getting ready to go. He was so excited to be at Chuck E. Cheese's for the first time. I think the grin on his face says it all. He had such a good time we'll have to take him there again some time.
Daddy had just as much fun playing all the games.
When we got home Carter opened my presents for me. Audrey had a good time playing with the paper and ribbon.
Carter acted like daddy was singing to him and blew out the candles for me. Yes, that is a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Yumm! :)
Thanks Chuck for a wonderful birthday and spoiling me with fabulous gifts. :) Since this day was more for Carter than me Chuck got a babysitter and took me out to a wonderful dinner that weekend. I enjoyed sharing my birthday with Carter :) (notice the frosting on Audrey's fingers)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Farm

The first weekend in Oct. we took the kids to the pumpkin farm. It was a gorgeous day and the kids had a great time.
Carter picked out a new halloween shirt for the day. Audrey wasn't festive because everything halloween in her size was long sleeve. I couldn't find anything short sleeve anywhere. Oh well, some of the flowers on her outfit are orange.
Cheesy but we had to do it :)
Carter loves to pick out all of the little pumpkins. He only liked the ones that he can carry himself.
Mommy and Audrey enjoying the hay ride to the patch.
Carter loves the big slide they have in the play area. Daddy gets a work out carring him up to the top.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

6 months old

Audrey is six months old already! She continues to sleep through the night although there were a couple of nights that she woke up once. We think she is working on those top teeth. The only other time she woke up at night was when the bottom teeth were coming through. The following pictures are some of the things she is up to now.
We got the exersaucer out for Audrey and she loves it! The other night she spent an hour in it while I made dinner and got Carter situated and was perfectly happy. Carter plays with her a lot when she's in it and she just laughs at him. :) She also loves to stick her tongue out a lot these days as you can see in the picture.We also gave the jumper a try but she needs to figure that one out yet. She just kind of spun and played with the toy that's on it. Here Carter is trying to help her with the jumping part of it. Such a helpful big brother.
Audrey is now eating cereal and some veggies. This is from the first time eating rice cereal. She wasn't that excited to be trying it.
Here's her yucky face after trying the cereal. It took her a while to get the hang of it and like eating. Now she's trying all the veggies and liking them. She devours her cereal and veggies. Can't wait to introduce fruit.
Carter continues to be an awesome big brother. Now that Audrey is eating I have an assistant during meal time. We have to take turns giving Audrey a spoonful. It makes a mess but it's so cute and sweet that I just go with it.
He not only helps with feeding her, dressing her, diaper changes, etc. but he is now starting to share his toys with her as well. They were both content for some time playing the piano together.