Sunday, September 25, 2011

Penn State

As always, Chuck got the kids dressed in their Penn State gear for game day.
Even Sasha's ready for the game. I made her a bandana with the left over fabric I used to make Chuck's scrub caps. She doesn't mind wearing it either.
If you look closely you'll see that Audrey's bandaide is even a Penn State one.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Beauty & the Beast

Audrey is completely obsessed with Beauty and the Beast!! She asks to watch it EVERY day! It's only appropriate that she is going to be Belle for Halloween. The day she got what she calls her ballerina princess Belle dress, she wore it all day and refused to take it off. We even had to go to Carter's swim lesson in it. For part of the day we even had to call her Belle. "I not Audrey. I'm Belle!"
Now whenever she watches the movie she has to put the dress on. She even dances and sings along to the songs. She'll even tell you she looks so pretty in it. :) You can't see them in the pictures but she even wears her Belle princess heals with it.
She wouldn't take it off to help with dinner either. I told her it might get dirty and she assured me it wouldn't. "I be careful, kay."

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kindergarten & Mother's day out

Wednesday after Labor Day was the kids first day of school. Carter is now in Kindergarten and going every morning! Audrey is at the same school on the other side of the building in their Mother's day out program 3 mornings a week. The kids and I are both loving their new school. It has a carpool system so I drop off Carter then loop around the block and they get Audrey out and I'm off. It's quick and nice not having to get out of the car. All their teachers are great and they love going. They both always have so much to tell me about when I pick them up.
This picture is from their first day. The tropical storm that came through the day before (and left us with out power for a day) cooled it off so that's why they wanted their zip ups on. The next day we were back in t-shirts and shorts.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Celebrating 7 years

Saturday, Chuck & Brett went golfing while the girls went shopping. My mom came down to spend the day with Angela & I. We had breakfast at Cosi then hit the outlets.
That night Chuck & I celebrated our 7th anniversary with dinner at Sanford Restaurant. We've been wanting to go there ever since our cousin Justin Aprahamian started working there. He is currently the Chef de Cuisine. It was an AMAZING meal and Justin spoiled us with many surprises throughout our meal. If you're in the Milwaukee area you must try Sanford Restaurant!Before our dessert course our server brought out this cute Happy Anniversary plate, all edible of course. :) Just one of the several surprises from Justin.By the end of our meal we were absolutely stuffed! After every course & every surprise we didn't think we could eat anymore but it was all so delicious we couldn't help but eat it all.

A huge thank you to Justin for making our anniversary dinner so special. It was so nice to get the chance to chat with you and Sara while we were there. We hope you both enjoyed your well deserved week off.

Sunday morning we were back on a plane to come home to our kiddos.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Friday Chuck had interviews all day. They didn't end up scheduling me this time around so Chuck spoiled me with spa treatments. Angela & I started the day with breakfast at the Pfister cafe. Then it was off to the Pfister spa for pampering thanks to our hubbies. Angela had a massage & I had a massage and pedicure. It was wonderful!
That night we went to dinner at Coerper's. Best steak ever! We miss that place.
Brett & Angela
They had dinner here the night Brett proposed. Tomorrow they will be celebrating their 2 year anniversary.Me & ChuckGroup picture after completing our amazing steak dinner
Despite how full we were the boys made us eat Leon's for dessert before calling it a night. :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Milwaukee interview

Over Labor Day weekend Chuck and I went up to Milwaukee for his interview with Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Grandma & Grandpa came down to the house to watch the kids for us. I have to admit, it was weird flying with out the kids. It was a nice, quiet weekend for the 2 of us.
We got in Thursday afternoon. After checking into the hotel we walked to Elsa's and had a late lunch. Then walked down to the lake since we had a little time to kill.
Angela picked us up at the airport and joined us for lunch. It was nice getting to spend some time with her before having to get ready for dinner.They had us stay at the Pfister which was nice. That night the group took us to dinner at Harbor House . The food was delicious and it was nice to meet some of the other surgeons in the group.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

return of the dragon costume

Audrey dug Carter's old dragon costume out of one of his bins. She got it on herself and asked for help with the head. It was hilarious to watch her walk around the house pretending to be a dragon.
Audrey looked so much like Carter did in the costume I had to pull up this picture of Carter in it. He's 1 1/2 in this picture.
While looking for a picture of Carter in it I came across this one. Yep, even Sasha wore the head of the dragon costume. She always pouts when we put anything on her.
Just another random picture of Audrey cuddling with Sasha. Audrey just doesn't know how to leave her alone. She always has to try and cuddle or give Sasha hugs and kisses. Sasha's a good sport and deep down loves her back. The other night instead of getting into our bed we found her making herself comfortable in Audrey's bed.

zoo splash pad

Once again I find myself behind in blogging. I'll try to catch up for those of you that actually look at it. :)
The pool at our gym is only open on weekends once school starts since all the lifeguards are students. Our only other outdoor option in the middle of August, in near 100 degree weather is the zoo. The kids can see their favorite animals then cool off in the splash pad.
Carter is always so good about my obsession with taking pictures. Audrey on the other hand crossed her arms when I asked her to stand next to Carter for a picture. She did not want to stop playing.
This day we had gone with the Grahams. Noah and Carter always have a great time playing together. This time it was Noah that didn't want Carter to stop for a picture. He tugged on Carter's arm to get him to play with him. Noah is the same age as Audrey but he sure can hold his own when playing with Carter.
Carter always has a blast thereLaura and I decided that Noah and Audrey already have a crush on each other :) They are so cute together! Noah is always a gentleman around her and they ask for each other after we get home. The cute little couple were sharing snacks while riding in the wagon. Just a random picture of my cuties. Audrey never needs a special occasion to wear a crown :)