Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Pics

The kids kept taking turns sitting in this chair saying cheese at me so I got the camera and snapped a few.
Audrey giving me her I know I'm full of it face
But I'm so cute so I get away with everything
Carter looking handsome as always
Then, he kept giving me his CHEESE face

Bucket Head

I found these cute trick or treat buckets at Target the other day. A spiderman one for Carter and a princess one for Audrey. As soon as Carter & Audrey saw them they put them on their heads. They are already having so much fun playing with them.
Audrey wouldn't stand still long enough for the picture
Once Audrey went down for her nap Carter put hers on my head. Look familiar Tita Amy & Tita Angela? The three of us used to march around the house with ice cream buckets on our heads and batons in our hands.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shark Encounter

Even though it's the middle/end of Sept. it's still really hot down here with temps in the 90s. Instead of going to the park we go to the Mc Wane Science Center to let the kids run and get some energy out. It was nice and quiet the other day when we went. So quiet we had the whole shark & sting ray touch tank to ourselves. This time I had the camera ready to catch Carter touching them.
Since we were the only ones there Carter spent a lot of time touching all the sharks brave enough to come his way. The lady supervising the area was real nice too giving him a little lesson about the different sharks & sting rays they have there.
I think his smile says it all :) Have I mentioned how much we love having this place so close by!?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Go pack! Go!

Tita Angela & Uncle Brett, I think I need a new cheerleader outfit! This one is a little small :)
Cheese!We all know Chuck is obsessed with the Packers. We subscribe to NFL Sunday ticket so he can watch all the games here. He always wears a Packer t-shirt or jersey on game day and requires the kids do the same. Well, Audrey has out grown all her Packer gear from last year. Chuck put this outfit on her anyway. Since Audrey is a little skinny mini he could get it on no problem. It's a little short though :) Yep, our almost 18 mos. old is wearing a 6-9 mos. Packer outfit!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet momment

The other night we went to have dinner with Chuck at the hospital. Chuck had to go talk with a patient's mother so the kids wanted to go play while we waited. When we got off the elevator Audrey stopped, stretched out her hand to Carter and said, "hand." She wanted to hold her bother's hand to walk down the hallway and he sweetly obliged. Every time we got off an elevator that night she would stop and ask for Carter's hand. I just thought it was so cute.
My little cuties holding hands
The benefit of Chuck now being at children's hospital is all the toys Flashing mommy a smile out the window of the play houseAudrey loves the little slide on this tree house
Here's the reason why it took me so long to catch up with the blog.
I had a bad break out of eczema on my hands and while we were in WI my left hand ended up getting infected. Chuck was able to get me some antibiotics and it cleared up. Shortly after getting back home the infection returned. This time in both hands. Chuck was worried I was going to have to be hospitalized for IV antibiotics. I got on a different antibiotic and was soft splinted all day. Luckily, Chuck was post call so he could take care of the kids. Now I just have to keep dressings on the open sores. It's still a bit of a pain but at least I didn't end up in the hospital and can use my hands now. I see the dermatologist Tue. to see what we need to do to keep this from happening again. My poor tired husband is worn out after working 100 hours, taking care of me, the kids & the house this week! We love you! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Monday, Mom left for their honeymoon so we spent the rest of our time at Angela & Brett's house in Franklin. I was able to ditch the kids with them two nights in a row! I got to have dinner with my friend Amy the first night and then with Christin. It was so nice to be able to see them again.
One of the days we checked out a new inflatable play place. The kids had a blast running around and both fell asleep in the car on the way back to the house.
We got to visit with Great Grandma Aprahamian. She took us out to lunch then got some toys out for the kids. Carter had so much fun with them he took a couple home. :)

The kids taught Tita Angela how to play Just Dance. They are hilarious to watch!
Tita Angela & Uncle Brett always spoil the kids. Uncle Brett heard how much Carter loves to play Leggo Batman so he bought him Leggo Star Wars. They spent an insane amount of time playing that game.
By the end of the week the kids (and I) were exhausted! They were worn out and ready to be home.

Wedding day

Saturday morning the guys squeezed in one more round of golf before the girls had to go to the salon. We had a late lunch at the house and finished getting ready at the church.
Mom & Audrey before the ceremony in the bride's room. Audrey was the miniature bride. Notice they both are wearing red shoes.
How cute are they!? Carter was the man in charge. All three of them did a great job walking down.
The four of us
Tried to get a family picture. I'm hoping there is a better one on one of the other cameras
Our handsome boys.

To see all the pictures from the wedding and the rest of our visit click here

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Friday morning the guys went golfing but were back in time to watch the kids so the girls could go get manicures & pedicures.
Myself, Amy & Mom getting our pedis
Angela was off in the corner by herself, poor Ang :)That evening was rehearsal. Carter & Audrey made it down the aisle twice. Carter's a pro by now but this was Audrey's first time. I figured she would be fine as long as Carter was with her but you never know.Carter was super excited to open his spiderman and iron man filled gift bag
By the time dinner was over Audrey was tired and clingy. She really didn't want anyone other than me holding her. Audrey held onto Tracie's finger for a while and eventually ended up in her lap. She was content for quite some time. Tracie has the touch.

Like father, like son

We went back up to WI for my mom's wedding. Chuck was able to fly up with us for the weekend. It's always a treat to actually have him along on a flight.
When we got into Milwaukee this is what happened while we waited for our suitcases. Chuck got a new phone right before we left so Carter inherited his old blackberry. No, we don't pay for him to have a phone! He just likes to play brick breaker on it. Carter is Daddy's little mini-me and has to be doing whatever he is. They both stayed in that spot glued to their phones until we had our baggage and were ready to head to the car.
Amy & Peter arrived right after us so we all piled into Angela & Brett's cars. Yes, all of us, our luggage, and their two dogs fit in the two cars :) Then, off we went up to Sheboygan. Let the craziness of a wedding weekend begin.